App UX: The fundamentals you need to know in 2022



Pradeep Kunwar

The user experience is given utmost importance as soon as any application is swiftly discovered, as it is surprising to see how the app UX is rapidly changing our general surroundings and the way we interact with businesses, products, services, and one another. Thus, when it comes to any product strategy, app UX is considered one of the essential yet crucial components because the market for mobile applications is continuously growing and evolving.

As we can see that the application market is flooded with a plethora of diverse apps attempting to establish their supremacy over others, to become the talk of the town among the customers – even according to Statista, consumers downloaded 205 billion apps in the year of 2019 which is expected to be increased by 258 billion in the year 2022.

So, it is the app UX that makes all the difference while the users of mobile applications want easy connections and fast results besides being goal-oriented with a short span bandwidth and time frame which means you should examine and keep the fundamentals of your app UX as clear and concise as possible.


But if you are still wondering what app UX exactly means, then let’s get clear on what app UX is before heading straight to the fundamentals of UX app.

App UX – at a glance

Don Norman coined the phrase “User Experience”. He was the first to emphasize the relevance of user-focused planning, which is the premise of the fact that this planning should be centered solely around your user’s needs and wants. In short, the application UX is all about capturing the user’s take on the application – before, during, and after their interaction – and working over the enhancement of the same.

In general, user experience is commonly known as UX or UXD. The method of improving user satisfaction focused on 3 major aspects:

  • Simplicity of Use
  • Ease of Access
  • Pleasure of Connecting

The optimum fundamentals and approaches place the nature of quality user interaction, the concept of your idea, and connected administrations in the focus of the UX design app spectrum.

take a sneak peek at some app ux statistics

Overall, user experience fundamentals provide a solid foundation for building out effective solutions through creative plan models, correspondence patterns, and cutting-edge standards.

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Top 6 Fundamentals of App UX

The saying “the first impression is the last impression” is explanatory of how much an app UX matters. The UX of an app is the foremost decider that determines whether your app will be a hit or a flop. So, in order to work primarily on the goal of your app, there are some fundamentals that you can look up to create an exceptional user experience.

  • Research your audience in and out: Getting into the shoes of your users is the first thing you should do, as it can help you to create a successful app UX design strategy on the basis of their average age, habits, demographics, trends, and numerous other extended things and target specific audience.
  • Keep the navigation smooth as butter: Treat your app navigation like a vehicle that takes the users exactly where they want to go. While setting up, your priority should be high on keeping the app navigation simply clear and consistently approachable.
    Keep the navigation smooth as butter
  • Be on point with content strategy: Develop an effective content strategy based on the model of Adopting Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) so that your application loads faster and works on any screen size and let it become your medium of brief and clear communication in the form of content to easily reach your audience.
  • Make tap targets finger-friendly: Place your targets large enough so that users may easily tap into them by keeping it simple and maintaining finger-friendliness, as the well-planned tap buttons lie within the reach of the thumb. It is advisable for an optimum user experience strategy that tapping targets should have a size between 7-10 mm.
    85% of users interact with their screen with a single thumb
  • Slay with the visibility of UX design elements: Ensure your mobile application has elements of UX design visibility which can possibly be the finest recommendation for your UX strategy. The contrast of your text should be balanced between the text style and the background to be legible.
  • Pay attention to security parameters: Many people are concerned about entrusting applications, so far biometric technology is regarded as the most secure method of payment confirmation. It has become necessary to deploy two-factor authentications, complex password requests, time-outs, and other security features.

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Make your App User Experience a great one!

The benefit of users is the one thing that all the great app UX have in common. Every user, you and I, typically wonder whether it adds value to our lives, whether it is simple to use, and whether it will help them achieve their goals – the answer to these questions should always be “yes” for acing a good user experience.

All in all, being considerate towards the needs and preferences of your users and transforming them into simple as well as eye-catchy configurations with consistency are a few key points to consider when thinking of an app UX for a website or mobile app design process.

If in case, with the availability of so many apps, it is becoming difficult for you to grasp an adaptable application UX and you are worried, how can you create an app UX or how to redesign an app UX that quickly stirs things up to get your app installed? Don’t worry! Mobcoder is here to help you with the global experience in UI UX Designing Services with certified designers and developers who can take your user experience to an exceptional level.

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