How Does Travel App Development Revolutionize the Tourism Industry?



Benjamin Fisher

Travel mobile apps have become an important part of the industry and are affecting the booking as well as the planning process. As the sector grows in sophistication, many new opportunities are emerging for both investors as well as service providers.


It is a known fact that mobile is altering the way individuals interact with people, products, content, and services. One of the most hectic yet joyful aspects of life is traveling.

Traveling to new places and discovering new things is downright amazing and because of the internet which has made our lives a lot easier and convenient, one can easily plan a vacation, the book travels tickets, and explore

Travel mobile apps can revolutionize the tourism industry by enabling customers to engage in value-added and personalized engagement. Presently, several travelers are using travel mobile apps for research as well as for booking their vacations. 

With the availability of developed travel applications, people no longer have to rely on maps, guidebooks, and compasses for traveling.

What makes a travel app a success?

Due to the wide range of travel apps, more people have started using them rather than physical maps or travel guides. As a result, travel app development is in trend. 

But still, there are certain questions on mind related to its development like what are the features of travel applications, how can it help generate revenue, and why it should be designed in a particular way. Here comes the answer!

Whether you are a travel app development company or thinking of getting an app developed, below are some features that every app must have:

1. Smart Booking 

The success of a tourism app depends on how user-friendly the app is. It is crucial that the travel mobile apps should be an easy-to-use booking platform for its users. 

Such a travel mobile app must make booking a vacation a lot easier for travelers with features like filter, price comparison, discount offers, bookmarking, push notifications, etc.

2. SEO Optimized 

When travelers are looking for a particular destination they must be led towards the most relevant results. When the app is SEO optimized by any travel app developer, it becomes easy for users to get proper search results on the app they have installed on their mobile devices.

3. Allow Cab Bookings

In today’s times, where everything is possible, a very smart feature to add in travel mobile apps would be an option to book a cab or taxi. This feature, without a doubt, would give the users the comfort of booking a cab from wherever they are standing.

4. Include Geolocation

Geolocation has become the most popular word in travel mobile app development. This feature is demanded by businesses especially when they are targeting the travel market.

This is a necessary feature that has made it possible to offer users a reliable service as well as an innovative yet practical product.

5. Weather Forecasting

The real-time weather forecast can be a great add-on to a travel app. This feature in a traveler app will help them in making flight bookings and taking up adventure activities like water rafting, skiing, etc. 

It will also help them in packing clothes depending on the weather conditions.

6. Option to review

When a person decides to travel, he will certainly look for feedback from travelers who have already visited that place. The option to review in travel mobile apps is another smart feature an app must-have.

Reviews not only give a beforehand idea about what to expect but also an option to choose whether the place is worth the visit or not.

7. Easy transaction

Travel mobile apps impact the data storage and retrieval process. The travel services app development process must make it possible to streamline the managing and accessing of customer information. 

It should help hotels or agents get accurate data whenever they want or need it. Also, the user can use such apps to store proof of purchase, receive receipts and add expense details

Top 8 Benefits of Travel Mobile Apps:

Travelers use travel mobile apps that can make their life easier when going to their destination. Apps have become a much-needed aid while traveling.

But, why are they useful? Let’s discuss the top reasons why you should travel with an app. The top 8 benefits of travel apps are:

1. Useful Safety Information

Safety is a primary concern if you are planning a recent trip. The very reason why travel apps have made their way into our lives.

They help us get the important notices on strikes or weather-related disturbances and give us 24-hour emergency service, so we can have a safe vacation with our friends and family.

2. Instant Hotel and Ticket Booking

people who prefer booking hotels via mobile apps

There are many apps that can help you find hotels. They provide details such as the rates, distance to the tourism site, and much other information.

The other option is when you book your accommodation or hotel with the help of an app of that particular hotel, then you are at a higher chance to avail special discount which is generally available for a few lucky travelers.

Furthermore, travel mobile apps provide you with the lowest hotel rates, and offer the best seats on a plane. Such apps also give you the chance to make reservations for taxi trips from or to the airport as well as find public transport like buses or railways.

3. 24/7 Accessibility

The need for travel apps is eminent because of their features and functions. Travel apps are always there to provide any kind of information useful to travelers at their convenience and at the right time.

You can use the app 24/7 to acquire any kind of information and from anywhere. In other words, you can use it at your convenience without worrying about the issues of time zone.

4. Networking and Sharing

Travelling is all about sharing and networking. You cannot travel alone these days, thanks to apps.

With numerous travel apps and social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), you are always connected to your dear ones. By virtue of these apps and social media portals, you can share all your memorable moments with your friends and family in an instant with amazing ease.

5. IoT based Decisions

Getting lost in a new city isn’t fun in general and can be hard when you are a tourist. That is where IoT-based decisions such as geolocation come into play. 

IoT-based solutions play a vital role in travel apps to provide suggestions and guides according to users’ choices.

6. Travel Cashless

Travelers were tired of carrying cash and also did not like the hassle of withdrawing money from ATMs every time they went on a trip. 

Thanks to travel tech and the use of apps, it has become pretty easy to book a flight, buy your tickets, book hotels, and even order food while traveling without any need of carrying cash. 

7. Special Services

Travel mobile apps are beneficial for both business owners and users. 

These apps play an integral role in the success of the business since they can store the data of the travelers, which means businesses can determine who is eligible for special offers or discounts from their stores

The most popular features of such apps are the capabilities they have to record and store the data of users.

8. Customized Apps

When a travel mobile app development company offers a customized, user-friendly app, it becomes popular and gains a competitive advantage over its rivals.

However, the most effective apps can be customized according to the front-end and the back-end requirements.

Final Words:

The future of travel is bright, and travelers are finding the best experiences by using the best technology. If you want the newest, most up-to-date experience for your travel, there are apps for that.

Mobile app development companies that develop travel apps stand to gain customers and industry buzz that will have other companies knocking at their doors for access to the latest technology. We hope the above points will be beneficial for you if you are willing to create an effective travel mobile app for your business. 

Get in touch with Mobcoder today. We have a team of professional developers who specialize in creating such apps to enable them to achieve more success rate possible.

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