The Timeless Evolution of Game Design

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Marc Rothmeyer

How cool is your virtual world, with its magical powers, characters and maps? The game design comes from the disciplines related to programming, computer science, and graphics and is indeed a broad field, revealing not just fun and dreamy jobs, but requires a lot of patience, creativity and determination. If you’re a passionate player who is perhaps considering embarking on a thrilling journey in game design at this moment, this article came into your hands at the right time.

Find out more about this vast field and what it takes to improve your skills and knowledge in your dream career!

Evolution of the Game Design

1. The First Video Game

The First Video Game

As the first game produced by Atari in 1970, Pong can be seen as the starting point of the game design and development and revolution in gameplay. This black and white game, which has been characterized as quite simple, lacks the richness of the storytelling in most games today. However, the mixing of varied hardware was undoubtedly a pioneering beginning at the time.

However, several sources indicate that Pong, although he naively attracted the attention and interest of the public, was preceded by “Tennis for Two” from Higinbotham and “Spacewar” from Russiel in 1962.

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2. The First Video Game Console

The First Video Game Console

The Magnavox Odyssey, created by Ralph Baer, is the first video game console to be built in 1972. This invention was the core of many because it enabled players to play from the comfort of their house, sparing themselves the journey to the public arcade at the time.

3. The Impressive Arcade Games

The Impressive Arcade Games

Arcade games were the 1970s earthquake evolution of gaming. Space Invaders and later Pac-Man had given tremendous success and excitement to the market and the field and were big hits in the era of game design.

4. The Nintendo Entertainment System

The Nintendo Entertainment System

Despite the great surge that arcade games gave to the market and the public, other gaming possibilities began to develop, which gradually shattered the magnification of their predecessors.

The NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) was the world in the game design from 1983 to 1996, the first and main releases being Donkey Kong, Popeye, and then the Super Mario and the Legend of Zelda. Miyamoto, who for instance invented Mario, worked very much on the game design component of the game and decided in advance on the stages, colours, drawings, etc., so that the users would experiment and enjoy the game in a more convenient way, thereby enhancing its quality. This specific game design of which can be referred to as “user-centric,” has changed over time.

In 1996, Nintendo 64 was released with 3D graphic characters, making the experience more fun and lively. In 2017, Miyamoto produced Mario Odyssey, exciting, pioneering with its various levels and displaying the enormous advancement in technology and game design over the years.

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5. Sony and its PlayStation 2

Sony and its PlayStation 2

In 2000, the successful PlayStation 2 was released by Sony Computer Entertainment. First released in Japan, it sells more than 155 million units like cookies! Because of their backward compatibility, the gamers have been able to play old PlayStation games, as well as current titles such as Final Fantasy X, FIFA 14 and others. Because of its enormous popularity, the console was still produced in 2013, even after the PS3 was created.

6. Microsoft and its Xbox

Microsoft and its Xbox

Parallel to Sony’s PS2 release, Microsoft released Xbox, despite the fact that it was focused mostly on PC gaming. The Halo game was played with the Halo 2 sequel thanks to the following version of Xbox, which allowed players to engage online.

7. Nintendo Wii

Nintendo Wii

This home video game console, which was unveiled in 2006 to stop the rivalry between Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft with its unique approach to new gaming, hyped players from their sofas, took hold of Wii, and dived in complete arms movement in their adventures. In addition to its particular movement detection and wireless control capabilities, the Nintendo Wii is the first Nintendo system for Internet connectivity.

8. 2021 and Future

2021 and Future

Game design is without a doubt an ever-changing subject, and year after year new systems and titles are emerging in the business. Whether through the best game console, the best portable play, android gaming devices, or the best gaming laptops and settings, our generation has reached a height of development, with a promising virtual reality set-up that can even impress.

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