Node.js offering significantly to the Developer’s Community 



Charlie Marjot

Have you heard about Node.js lately? If not, then you are not acquainted with the intrinsic lexicon of the development world. This has become a buzzword and everyone is talking about it. It is increasingly becoming a go-to technology for many global giants across the globe.

Developers around the globe are in the quest to learn it as it greatly emphasizes concurrency, and speed, and paves the way for intensive data exchange over different web channels.

Now it is time to come down to explain what Node.js is all about. It is a server technology used to build and run web applications, quite similar to ASP.NET, Ruby on Rails, or Springs Framework. First, it uses JavaScript as its main language web server and has a built-in lightweight web server and a whole bunch of plugins managed through the Node Package Manager (NPM) that allows you to mold applications to your requirements. That is why Node.js is dominating the market.

why node.js is dominant

It was originally invented and written by Ryan Dahl in 2009, Node.js is primarily used for client-side scripting. Importantly, it is open-source and works seamlessly on cross platforms.

Why it is treated as an advantage for developers? Yes, because it allows them to use JavaScript to write command-line tools and for server-side scripting. And empowered them to run scripts server-side to produce dynamic web page content before the page is sent to the user’s web browser. However, it can be effective in many sorts of applications, but still, it is preferable and optimal for the six most popular solutions.

apps build best on node.js

Node.js Has Become a Standard for Enterprise-Level Organizations

Yes, it lives up to every standard to be called quintessential for enterprise applications. The development world has been propagating that Node.js is so mighty that it has the potential to replace Java for good. Or it could replace Java as the most trusted language, a spot that Java has held since 1995.

With more & more updates coming in, more & more enterprises have been using the platform in their operations. Left alone the biggest tech giants, according to the Node.js user survey, 43% of Node.js programmers have already claimed to use Node.js to use it to develop enterprise apps. 

The more mighty Node.js architecture is, the more mighty names are using it:

organisations rely on node.js

A Thoughtful Summary

To conclude, Node.js is preferable as well as optimal for building applications with heavy client-side rendering, multiple concurrent requests, and frequent sharing of data from a client to a server. Or when you think to build I/O and data-driven applications, Node.js must be your first and foremost priority. However, when it comes to developing CPU-intensive applications that involve the processing of images, audio, and large videos, Node.js has some sort of limitations. So in this case, conventional multi-threaded solutions would be preferable for app development. Let’s see how the experts will root this limitation and make Node.js a one-stop solution for development work.

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