Apple Says, iOS 14.4 fixes three actively exploited security bugs

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Marc Rothmeyer

To do away with the multiple vulnerabilities in a continuous cycle, Apple has released iOS 14.4 update with some security fixes for three reported vulnerabilities. This promptness comes after some active attacks by hackers. 

The tech giant has updated a statement in its security update pages for iOS and iPadOS 14.4. 

The statement reads as follows that the three bugs affecting iPhones and iPads can posses some serious threat and bring many vulnerabilities to the system.

Well, the responsible party for exploiting the vulnerabilities is still at loose; or likely who might have fallen active. The tech giant has still mum on the capacity of the attack. It is still unknown that the attack was limited to some users or it affected users across the globe. 

Apple has maintained the clause of anonymity to the individual who informed the bug them. 

Talking about the bugs: two of them were found in WebKit, known as a browser engine that powers the Safari browser. Second is Kernel, the core of the operating system. 

As these vulnerabilities are chained together, some of the exploits have used this set rather than a single flaw. But it is not a general practice for hackers to target vulnerabilities in a device’s browser to access the core operating system. 

This incident has taken the whole tech world by storm as it is rare to expect Apple to admit its mistake as it always prides itself on its high encrypted security. 

Another incident reported in 2019 by Google, in which Google researchers found multiple malicious websites laced with code that hacked into victims’ iPhones. Later, it found that the attack was from the Chinese government to spy on Uyghur Muslims. Apple also acted in the same way as its inherited nature and contended Google’s claims, and underplays the severity of the attack.

Till this time, Apple hasn’t disclosed much on this vulnerability and conveyed iPhone and iPad users to update to iOS 14.4 as soon as possible.

It is to be noted that iOS 14 was released at WWDC 2020 in June with a lot of fanfare. So this kind of frequent vulnerabilities will pose challenges to the dominance of Apple. 

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