Sign in to Certain Services without a Password is now become possible with Google



ashutosh singh

Now it is time for Google to give Android users a bit more freedom. The tech giant is preparing to roll out a new feature that allows Android users to use their phone’s hardware features to log into Google web services without entering any password.

However, Android users have already been using a Google autofill feature that enables them to save a password for a website once and fills it automatically on the next login. But by introducing this feature, Google has gone one step further. This time they are letting Android users to forget login passwords. It means once you log in for any app or web service, you can unlock it by screen lock pattern or a fingerprint sensor on all future logins.

But the idea to introduce this feature is not restricted to making you forget the password, but a way beyond that. This is also more secure than the former one.

Let us enlighten on this aspect. Generally, most passwords are intrinsically vulnerable; and unfortunately, most web users reuse them across different sites and services. These passwords are actually stored locally on your devices so that they can’t be intercepted by a company’s servers. 

If you access any service and try to log into a service that could involve the use of sensitive information, Google often throws up the sign-in screen again to make sure it’s really you. Let’s understand this in a proper context—When you try to sign-up for any Google service, it shows you a list of saved credentials. To login into the account, you just need to identify the email address and password you need to enter your main Google Account login credentials. This is the thing Google wants to simplify even further.

To do this purpose, Google is using platforms like FIDO2 and the WebAuthn standards, both empower native apps and websites to benefit from the fingerprint you already registered when you first got that phone.

Currently, this feature is available on all Pixel and devices with upgraded Android 7.0+ devices with screen locks. Here, the only requirement is that you have to sign in from your personal Google Account on the device.

Bottom Line: In recent times, Google has initiated many processes to strengthen its security ecosystem. This is one of the steps the tech giant has taken in this direction. As expected, it will make the processing easier for Android users. For more information on the latest updates of Android & iOS, get in touch with our expert team of developers. 

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