All new Android 11 features with developers preview

Well, the digital community has to wait longer to use Android 11 on phones, as it is set to start rolling out by the end of 2020. But some features have already come to light since the company has released a few developer previews already.

Now, some of you must be asking what a developers preview is anyway? It is a version of the operating system released ahead of time so app developers can see all the new features, but inevitably these features end up getting leaked online.

We’d expect the official reveal of Android 11 in mid-2020, typically it’d be at Google IO 2020 in May, but with that event canceled we’ll have to wait and see what the company organizes as a replacement. Here are the updates:

Messaging will multiple improvements

If we see this latest version of Android. There are a lot of improvements on the front of the user’s messaging experience, let’s explore further-

  • Chat Bubbles: Android 11 chat bubbles tend to hide all the ongoing conversation in some little bubbles on the side of the screen. You will be allowed to move the bubbles on the side of the screen.  
  • Android 11 has introduced a dedicated conversation section in the notification shade to make the process of getting messages in real-time. 
  • You will be enabled to send images when replying to a message from notifications

Scheduled dark theme

For some users, this feature doesn’t hold much significance. But for those who understand the appeal of the dark theme, will find it useful. Basically, with Android 11, the users will get the functionality to schedule when their device shifts to dark mode. They can either set a custom time or have an Android shift between dark and light mode based on the timing of sunrise and sunset in their time zone. 

One-time permission

Google has always been very concerned about its security features, especially for its Android platform. So with this version, the company will release a new option in the permission system.

In Android 10, you have the option to grant an app two different permissions for location access, while using the App or Deny it. But with Android 11, new permission will appear. Only this time.  

In precise words, users will have the option to grant an app permission to use location access once. However, there is no indication if this permission request will happen every time you open the app. But if it is a one-and-done option, which means you would have to re-install the app, or if it is a one-and-done option.

One thing is certain with this development Google is working constantly to improve the security and privacy of the platform.

Screen recording

Most of us have used many third-party tools to capture screen recordings. But with the launch of Android 11, it will no longer be necessary to use these third-party apps.

If we see the history of Android, then there was a feature of screen recording in the 10th version. But it quickly disappeared as there is no way to know it will vanish when Android 11 rolls out. 

Motion Sense gesture

This feature will only be on the Pixel line of devices, at least in the beginning. It will empower the users to pause/play with a Motion Sense Gesture. So while listening to music, you could gesture with your device to pause or play the current tune. This can become helpful if you can constantly need to pause your music to converse with an actual human. 

Airdrop-style file sharing

This is the most anticipated feature Android will get with this update. It is somewhere like iOS’ Airdrop which is also called Fast Share (or also known as Nearby Sharing). This new addition was confirmed in the Android 11 Developers release notes and shows some of the issues the developers are currently having with the feature. But one thing is certain Fast Share will make it so easy to share files between Android devices.

New APIs

Two new important API additions are coming to Android 11. The first one is the 5G state API, which allows Android to see if a user is currently on a 5G network. Through this API, developers can activate certain experiences available to the platform on the next-gen network.

The second one is focused on foldable devices. Through this API, data can be read from a hinge-angle sensor such that apps will be able to adapt to the angle of the device hinge. 

Resume On Boot

This new feature is also coming to the Android 11-second developer preview and is called Resume on Boot. With this feature, the Android 11 device reboots after an overnight OTA update and it will be able to immediately access Credential Encrypted storage so it can start receiving messages right away.

All these updates you have seen here are being mentioned by keeping a user’s perspective in mind. But other updates out there that are far more technical than the general user will never see. However, many new features will likely be featured in future Developer Previews between now and the stable launch of Android 11. So stay tuned!

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