Outsourcing—An optimal way to fight Productivity and Performance during COVID-19

All the businesses across the world are in bad shape because of the latest epidemic COVID-19. Unfortunately, this is the most buzzing and booming word in the world at the moment. The negativity is not only confined to businesses across the world. But the effect of the COVID-19 pandemic on human life is beyond the worst and it will likely remain a potential threat in the coming months. 

The organizations belonging to the IT domain have asked their employees to work from remote locations via video conferencing and collaboration tools to establish seamless communication. Yes, companies are trying their best to beat this pandemic and try to use every possible tool to achieve productivity. But as per Kotak Institutional Equities, this mayhem, IT sectors has fallen down to 3-8% for the next financial year. India, which is one of the top 15 economies in the world, alone, has affected about $348 million.

Let’s discuss in detail the impact of COVID-19 on the IT industry and how the outsourcing model can resolve this issue—

Dealing with Decreased Productivity and Performance

Certainly, this virus is likely to impact productivity on a group and individual scale. Handling day-to-day productivity and performance-related issue are on the rise due to working from home. Fewer team meetings and coordination is also a significant factor contributing to this decreased productivity.

factor contributing to this decreased productivity

Cash Flow Crisis for SMEs

Due to the pandemic, about 30% of SMEs have reported a significant reduction in cash level as per the latest financial reports. It is a big lockdown for sure and it can’t be anticipated how much time it will take by markets to resurrect. This will leave a detrimental effect on a company’s working capital and they will not survive more if they were unable to secure some finance.

Not Ready For a Fully Remote Workforce

We are an indispensable part of the digital industry, and fortunately, blessed that our workflows and deliveries don’t rely on the location of the resources. But still, some organizations don’t have the infrastructure to allow their employees to work remotely and adapt to the work-from-home culture fully. Some of them are not ready for this situation, so the tools for collaboration and interpersonal training. 

A report by Gartner, a leading IT service management company, says that 54% of the companies in India do not have enough technology and resources for employees to work from home.

Even in this digital scenario, unfortunately, more than two-thirds of employees lack access to business tools like Skype, Zoom, etc.

That is how Mobcoder is dealing with this and helping organizations by working as a dedicated outsourcing partner. Let’s explore now—

By training our leaders and resources beforehand

As a part of the global business community, we must anticipate such situations beforehand. To cope with these situations, we have already a policy of “Work From Home” in place to take care of our sick employees. Our leaders know how to deal with this situation and optimize the situation to achieve high productivity. And unexpectedly, all the team briefings, meetings, and deliveries are doing fine during this “WFH” policy”.  

Our workflows are based on modern digital skills

We already have innovative new tools, new skills, and flexible working hours in place to combat such situations. Tools like—Zoom, Slack, and Skype are helping us to establish an optimal collaboration between multiple teams. Plus, the determination & punctuality of our resources is helping us to maintain our delivery rates. That’s why we have been regularly featured in the Top App Developers list.

Improved Compliance

By outsourcing your software development, you will gain access to our international talents without the legal compliance that most companies have to go through from hiring employees. Our overseas offices can take care of all the legal paperwork and customs so you can focus on other things that matter.

Technological Advances

Technology is evolving every day, and keeping up with the growing economy can be concerning. By outsourcing your software development to us, you can get access to new perspectives around the world, and meet innovative people with strong and diverse technology expertise.

technological advances

A Road to Summary 

Outsourcing software development is a great option to obtain digital transformation and growth through innovation while reducing risks and increasing profit simultaneously.

So if you are also stuck with your project because of this pandemic? Or is your team unable to meet deadlines due to working remotely? No worries, Mobcoder is here to help as a dedicated outsourcing partner. Our next-gen tech infrastructure & resources can help you to meet your deadlines and helps you to reduce overhead costs by speeding up the development process.

It is as simple as that if you are looking for a one-word answer to your business challenges, then outsourcing is the word.

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