ChatGPT Creator Made a Free Tool for Detecting
AI-generated Text



Marc Rothmeyer

In what could be termed reverse engineering, the developers of ChatGPT have come up with a tool to identify the work done by artificial intelligence. As soon as ChatGPT was launched in November 2022, it faced objection as professionals cautioned people about its ability to mimic humans.

Now, the creators of ChatGPT have attempted to dilute the fear of human imitation. OpenAI said its AI writing catcher has been trained “to distinguish between text written by a human and text written by AIs from various providers.” 

Since its initial release, ChatGPT has been all over the internet. Users from all industries and age groups have been using the platform to try to find answers to their questions and imaginations.

Experts within the tech world attempted to test the capabilities of ChatGPT, and as per the reports, they had a positive experience. However, there were certain reservations vis-à-vis the platform’s abilities and future scope.

From the business point of view, ChatGPT has made it difficult for many search engines to keep moving along their existing paths.

Many experts, including former Google employees, see ChatGPT as a force to reckon with. Industry specialists believe that ChaGPT may threaten the likes of Google and other search players and their core business models.

As a result, many people familiar with the subject have opined that Google may have to revisit its ads business model.

It’s important to note that of the $256.74 billion in revenue that Google generated in 2021, a massive $148.95 billion came thanks to search ads.

A chart revealing Google's revenue breakdown in the year 2021.
A chart revealing Google’s revenue breakdown in the year 2021.

Source: OBERLO

What is ChatGPT

In the simplest of terms, ChatGPT is an AI-powered chatbot allowing users to simulate human-like conversations.

Developed by OpenAI, ChatGPTS is an advanced and futuristic language model. It is trained on a massive amount of text data to generate human-like responses to text-based questions and statements.

The platform is created with a vision to be highly versatile and efficient. As a result, ChatGPT is a potent technological force to perform a wide range of language tasks, including text generation, question answering, and conversation.

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How it Works

ChatGPT is based on transformer architecture. The transformer architecture is a deep neural network highly effective in natural language processing tasks.

The architecture is designed to run long text sequences, which helps it perform language tasks. Also, ChatGPT is trained on a large corpus of text data, allowing it to generate human-like responses.

Chatgpt Could Be a Game-changer

From its release date, the ChatGPT chatbot has generated significant public interest. ChatGPT may be a terrific tool for marketers in its current form and future speculations.

As ChatGPT fares today, it cannot replace humans, but it could support content creation, improve customer service, and automate repetitive tasks.

Here’s what it can influence in a big way.

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Content Creation

One of the areas of strength of ChatGPT is content. Therefore, we may trust ChatGPT to enhance existing content, edit written work, make suggestions, and improve copy readability. In addition, ChatGPT may also enhance search engine optimization by examining ideal keywords and tags.

Customer Service Experience

ChatGPT could benefit businesses. Brands may train ChatGPT to respond to customers’ questions and interact with them in a human-like manner.

Automating Repetitive Tasks

ChatGPT may be handy in writing product descriptions, sending emails, and creating social media posts.

Wrapping Up

ChatGPT is versatile and flexible. It can handle various subjects and offer solutions for many use cases. 

While a plethora of possibilities to assist several processes with ChatGPT is exhilarating, we all need to be aware of some limitations of ChatGPT, such as emotional intelligence, accuracy, and creativity.

These are still the early days. We keep our fingers crossed!

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