Cross-platform Apps: Need of the hour for budding businesses



pradeep kunwar

Smartphones have become an inevitable part of our modern-day lives. Wherever we go they follow. Whatever we do, right from booking a ride to ordering food everything has made a dramatic shift from the brick and mortar spaces to our mobile phones over the last decade.

Businesses have expanded their horizon and have gone global breaking the stereotypes of location by moving online. This has helped them in reaching a larger target audience with a lesser infrastructure cost. Imagine how much money it takes to open your office/shop in every city, as compared to a good mobile or web application that can be accessed from any part of the world.

Technology has surely done its magic in bringing the audience across the world on a single digital platform. What seemed like a miracle around two to three decades ago, happens to be the reality in present times because of mobile application development.

This has especially helped the budding business to make a swift growth in terms of clientele with a ready digital platform to reach out to larger target audiences at once. The way our smartphones have changed the way we live our lives, web and mobile applications have made a significant position for themselves in the market.

Now, it is purely up to you how you leverage the power of applications at its best to grow your business. Let us explore how Cross-platform App development can help your budding business to make a leap of growth.

What are the Cross-platform Apps?

Cross-platform Applications are the ones where a single code for the application makes it compatible with different devices, browsers, and operating systems.

Initially, mobile application development happened for different platforms such as iOS and Android, using Native Development, wherein making changes, maintenance and consistency was a challenge. At the same time, the costs were more than double, because one has to write and manage multiple codes, pertaining to different platforms that required separate infrastructures.

On the other hand, as Cross-platform Applications came into existence, initially, they extended a limited UX support, but now, it offers advanced high-end UX features, that can be built for multiple platforms using a single code.

With key players like React Native and Flutter that are backed by leaders like Facebook and Google communities, Cross-platform App Development has grown exponentially in the last few years helping businesses make a better reach.

Benefits of Cross-platform Apps

Here are the benefits of Cross-platform Apps by a mobile application development companies that make it the need of the hour for your budding business:

Reaches a wider target audience

Aiming to reach the maximum target audience, businesses spend on software infrastructures such as apps and websites. With multiple platforms to cater to, such as iOS and Android, where each one of them has huge capabilities and users, having a prominent presence of your business (or its apps) on all the platforms can be highly beneficial for your business.

Cross-platform app development lets your business app run efficiently on multiple platforms at the same time.

Saves Cost and Time

Cross-platform app development helps your business save on the costs and time of developing and maintaining apps on individual platforms. This time and costs saved can be better utilized in productive activities such as marketing that increases your business’s visibility in front of your target audience.

Manage operations using Cross-platform Apps

Building internal CRM and ERP Cross-platform apps for your business, lets you streamline the whole production or operational process, saving costs and improving the productivity of your business. This lets your budding business take a faster growth leap.

A Step Forward

Although, Cross-platform App Development lets you enjoy the high-end features of your business app on different platforms with a single code, what truly matters, are the skills and diligence of the developers developing it. Finding the right developers who are experts in developing Cross-platform Applications having a vast experience in various industries, would result in a great Cross-platform app for your business.

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