How to Develop an App like Siri?

Today, communication with artificial intelligence is no longer an imagination. It is in your phone, watch, or TV, and can search the web, schedule your daily tasks, and even control an IP-enabled machine on your behalf. 

The scope of AI virtual assistants is growing at an unprecedented rate and it has penetrated as an inseparable part of our life. Without going further, let’s discuss what Voice Assistants are.

“A digital assistant is an AI-based service recognizing human speech and performing a specific action in response to a user’s command.”

Now, multiple tech giants are in the market with their AI-powered voice app assistants. Like Google’s Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa, and Apple’s Siri. Here in this write-up, we will discuss how  developing an app like Siri. 

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Steps to Make a voice assistant App Like Siri

Step 1: Plan your voice assistant app strategy 

Every voice assistant app like Siri should be focused and developed with a predefined goal and targeted audience. Some of the voice assistants like Cortana works on smartphones, and others like Google Assistant and Amazon’s Siri helps with daily routine activities and also work on smart speakers.

At this stage of a voice assistant app like Siri, you must define the unique features you will offer to the users. The app must have something extra that gives it an edge over the other existing competitors. 

You must research all the routine tasks of users and find a way to automate them to make an app like Siri. Your voice assistant apps should have been developed to automate these repetitive tasks. Keep one thing in mind that the AI voice assistant you are going to develop has to be mutually beneficial. It implies that it must be beneficial for your business. 

That’s why it is quintessential to include the users’ preferences in app development. Factors like the tone of voice, speaking pattern, time duration of pauses, point of time can help voice assistants to work efficiently. 

The idea behind to develop app like Siri on voice technology is not to add another technology at your disposal. But to deliver and access a personalized experience so users can feel like they are having a conversation with a human. This is exactly what your business proposition should be and this is the factor that tempts users to return to the app.

Step 2 Integrate a voice assistant to your app with custom APIs and AI tools

Owing to the business benefits of voice assistant app development, it is highly recommended by many leading tech giants to integrate existing voice assistants like Siri and Google. Now, let’s explore these two renowned famous voice assistants.


Siri was launched by Apple in 2011 with a lot of fanfare. As the technology was a prototype at the time. But since 2016, it was made possible for third-party apps to make an app like Siri. 

When launched, Siri came with a special tool, Apple SiriSDK which allows two sorts of extensions for its integration. One is Intents, which performs tasks such as calling and messaging. And Intents UI, which visually controls brand and custom content on the user’s interface.

These Intents extensions represent all the feasible tasks a user can request. The system processes them as classes with specified properties. For example, if a user wants to know the weather forecast for the whole week for a specific town. The system then receives voice tasks to perform and defines the pre-set properties for the dates and indicated location. This info then transfers to the app extension to deliver the result. 

But Apple always keeps some restrictions for design, thus creating a problem for the developers.


Google assistant functions almost like Siri. But when it comes to design and boundaries, it has pretty much fewer limitations than Siri and gives developers a free hand to go beyond their imagination. To make a voice assistant app, comes in two ways: Google Now and Voice Actions.

Without a doubt, Google Assistant is now considered a very immersive and decorated voice assistant to process, analyze and execute swift action on users’ request. But as per the records, only apps like eBay and Airbnb are permitted to use Google Now to develop their own Now Cards by using dedicated APIs. 

If you are intended to use the voice commands on both, phone and computer, you can register and use Voice Actions API. The process is much simpler than Google Now but only restricted to analyzing and processing requests through voice recognition. 

But in order to use Voice Actions, you have to fulfill certain requirements. One has to register the app on the Play Store for approval. Well, the process for approval for Google is much shorter than Apple.

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Step 3 Add all the required features to develop app like Siri:

Here is a complete list of technologies that used to develop mobile app assistant like Siri:

Voice/speech to text (STT)

If you don’t know, voice assistants possess the ability to process digital messages only. They convert voice tasks into text form to perform them in a way. This process is efficient or swiftly handled by CMU software.

TTS process 

The TTS process works on the same procedure followed by the STT process but in a different manner. With TTS, text data can be translated into human speech. CMU program functions here.

Decision Making

This process defines the effectiveness of the voice assistant at this stage. It depends on how AI analyzes the user’s request, processes it, interprets it in a human voice, and delivers answers. 

The smarter an AI voice assistant is, the more it is aware of the user’s voice patterns and preferences and delivers the answer with the utmost relevance. 

Noise elimination

People tend to use their phones on crowded streets, in a cafe, or in a factory. This feature 

ensures the efficiency of an AI assistant despite working in a noisy background. Noise control minimizes or you can say eliminate the external sounds that are not related to the user’s query. 

Voice recognition

If the function of voice recognition technology is not attached to the voice assistant, the queries will not be correctly processed by assistants and they will likely respond with a wrong answer. This helps the assistant to process requests in a way the user wants, doesn’t matter how weird they are. 

Compress the speech

This feature bears the responsibility to deliver prompt answers to the user query. The server responsible for the entire communication should be kept safe from any data intrusion. The use of the G.711 standard to avoid data loss is highly recommended by AI experts. 


Today, AI voice assistants have become an integral part of the mobile app development ecosystem. This function makes the app more engaging for the users and makes interaction easy with the service or product. So if you are looking for an AI voice assistant for your app to make communication more engaging, contact the Mobcoder AI team for all the concerned information on voice assistant app development in Australia.

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