Educational App Ideas for Startups to Develop in 2021

The educational mediums have seen a sea shift in the last several years. According to new research, traditional learning methods are being replaced by online learning platforms and educational apps. Many mobile learning applications are now available on the market, which is not unexpected.

The Covid-19 epidemic accelerated the adoption of educational apps, making them indispensable in today’s educational landscape. Teachers and students were forced to interact through digital means because of the outbreak. Thus, numerous eLearning apps have been created all over the world as a result.

eLearning educational applications have evolved to be very sophisticated as a result of the growing impact of technology. By making things more dynamic and enjoyable to engage with, they help students learn more effectively. New learning methods have emerged, making pupils more productive while also sharpening their abilities.

So, new top educational app ideas for beginners are critical now more than ever. Smart ed-tech solutions that connect students and teachers in real-time are becoming increasingly popular among schools, colleges, and institutions throughout the country.

Some of the most profitable educational apps development idea will be discussed in this post. The time has come for us to begin.

Why Invest In Learning & Education Apps?

north america e-learning market size

Let’s take a look at some numbers first before identifying the various educational app ideas for students. As you can see from the information provided here, creating an eLearning mobile app may be a very profitable endeavor.

By 2027, the worldwide eLearning market is expected to be worth $80.1 billion, according to MarketsandMarkets. This market was worth $22.4 billion in the previous year.

According to industry estimates, the U.S mLearning market will be worth $6 billion in 2014. A CAGR of 25.1% is expected in China, the world’s second-largest economy, to reach a market size of 18.8 billion dollars by the end of 2027.

A whopping $165 billion was spent in 2018 on corporate learning mobile applications. And it’s expected to reach $240 billion by the end of 2023, according to current estimates.

In the Asia-Pacific area, smartphone penetration is increasing, data plans are becoming more inexpensive, and public awareness is rising as a result of government initiatives. New 5G networks are also helping to drive this sector forward.

Mobile App Ideas In Education & eLearning To Invest In

eLearning Mobile App

eLearning applications are the best educational android app ideas for students that help to enhance the holistic development of the pupils. These applications can serve as a platform where all instructional video material generated by institutions, academics, and learners can be submitted. The kids may search for any topic and get loads of excellent material on it.

eBook Reading App

Gone are the days when students had to rush to the library to find their favorite book to read. With eBook reading android app development , you may make it possible to read their favorite book on the web platform.

This is a wonderful educational apps idea that may help kids study and progress without purchasing or lugging multiple books. They may access the books online and read them at any time without having to download them.

Audio Book Mobile App (AOD)

Yet another great yet simple educational apps idea for beginners, audiobook mobile applications can enable the users to listen to books instead of having to read them. Like listening to songs, the users can start any audiobook and listen to its content through the app. Such apps may also be utilized for visually challenged youngsters to listen to their favorite writers with ease.

Audiobook applications enable the users to listen to the whole book while on the go. For instance, students with a demanding schedule may use the app while flying or driving and listen to any text, making the most of their important time.

Live Video Classes Streaming

Live video courses streaming applications have risen to a whole new level after the Covid-19 epidemic. Following the lockdown limitations, all teaching in schools and universities has been transferred to the internet platform. These applications give students the option to learn from a distance. Besides, these educational apps for teachers offer an ideal platform who can educate their pupils from the convenience of their homes.

VOD (Lecture Streaming)

This is also a wonderful educational app idea to make education easily available to everybody. Such apps can enable the users to broadcast different educational offers such as live lectures, live events, webinars, virtual classrooms, etc. Thus, VOD applications provide a fully online education solution that encourages interesting learning experiences.

Dictionary Mobile App

Dictionaries are essentially directories that give definitions of different terms. They are utilized by persons belonging to all age groups and professions. So, developing a dictionary mobile app makes a lot of sense.

With the growth in smartphones, users can rapidly browse the dictionary app and find the meanings of all complicated terms. You may also develop a dictionary app that incorporates features like integrating idioms and phrases that assist enhance the user’s vocabulary.

Preschool Mobile App

A preschool helping apps is a godsend for parents who can assist their children learn the basic principles enjoyably. Since most kids enjoy smartphones these days, they may easily profit from such applications and learn about alphabets, colors, numbers, animals, and much more.

Typically, preschool educational apps integrate elements like game-based IQ development, narrative, small-problem solving, logic development, and more. They assist kids in rapidly clear admission interviews at a kindergarten school.

Rhymes Or Poem Learning App

Rhymes and poetry aid to enhance retention in small children. However, the poetry taught at basic schools is not adequate. So, in such a situation, parents may utilize such educational apps to teach new rhymes to their children.

Such applications might be helpful for youngsters aged between 3 and 8 years. They may study through animated poetry videos and enhance recall.

Corporate Training App

Corporate training is the most effective approach to educate an organization’s staff and teach them about the company’s rules. With traditional means, corporate training is a significant effort that demands a great number of resources. However, with clever corporate training software, the entire procedure may be carried out quite quickly.

Corporate training mobile applications provide an amazing chance for businesses to teach their staff while minimizing the expense associated efficiently. These applications can assist to bridge any skill gaps and recruit and maintain a competent staff. Besides, using these applications, training can be delivered to all employees independent of time and place.

Educational Games And Quizzes App

Another prominent education apps idea is to build an application that contains interactive games and quizzes for the users. Such applications make the learning experience extremely interesting and entertaining by immersing the users in contests and riddles connected to their education.

Gaming and quiz applications are in tremendous demand. These educational apps make it easier for the students to test themselves and assess their preparedness levels. It is a wonderful idea to build quiz applications for students relating to general knowledge, maths, and English grammar.

Coming To a close

With the introduction of modern technology, the education industry has experienced a paradigm shift. It heralds a new age of sophisticated eLearning and mLearning apps. And these educational apps for students are genuinely wonderful in boosting students’ knowledge base around the world and overcoming awareness gaps.

If you are interested in developing educational apps, the time is now. The industry provides excellent prospects for keeping investments and generating significant returns. So get in touch with Mobcoder Technologies, a mobile app development company in Australia today, and convert your thoughts into reality.

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