How Cricket Apps—Cricviz & Profielder changed the way of Analysis



Chris Chorney

This Cricket World Cup 2019 has taken the excitement level of fans to another level. Unlike other low-scoring former world cups, this tournament has delivered something unprecedented. Most of the matches have gone beyond a total of 300, and some have gone beyond 390. Much extraordinary batting, bowling, and fielding performances have been a feast for the eyes of fans, and till now, they have enjoyed every moment in this world-class tournament.

Throughout the years, this game has garnered many supporters from across the globe, and the game is also evolved in terms of technology. Yes, you heard it right, technology has made this game more exciting than ever. Today, many data experts are hired to examine statistics that help teams to quantify performance by a team, individual batsmen, bowler, and captain.

Today, the data qualified for analysis is not only limited to batting and bowling but it is also covered the records of dropped catches, missed runs-outs, or fumbles. However, this feature has been used by the teams for their strategic purposes, but unfortunately, this was not available to the fans. So fans have been waiting for this thing to be introduced to them, as today’s fans enjoy cricket from the bottom of their heart, but they want to evaluate everything technically as well.

To bridge this gap, two cricket analysis apps have entered the public realm during this world cup. However, mobile app development companies have been delivering apps for this sport, but these two are something special.

Now, we are going to explain their features succinctly one by one. The first one is CricViz—it has taken the cricket analysis to next level for the cricket fans. This app takes account of every incident that can affect the final score of the team. These incidents include—a run saved, a dropped chance, a missed run-out, or a misfield, the app takes everything for evaluation in its database. Then it assigns a plus or minus value based on the collective impact. It also features the probability of the fielding event being a success or failure. They have a leaderboard where you will get to see the credentials of an individual player and the system will assign a negative or positive value on every run missed or saved.

On the other hand, ‘Profielder’ brings a different approach to cricket analysis, especially when it comes to fielding performance. This app has some incredible details that you don’t see on your Television. The purview of its evaluation is also very large. It records every moment when a ball is hit by a batsman to where the fielder is positioned and how he stopped the ball. Going to a deep analysis, it also evaluates how a fielder stops the ball, like with a tumble, a dive, or a roll. A throw is also monitored, like how accurate the throw is to the end. A dedicated algorithm runs in the background to calculate the throw rate and throw quality.

Profielder is designed to give insights on where a particular fielder can be more effective, and on which position a fielder is most likely to commit a mistake.

Where Cricviz works on quantifying the basic fielding data, Profielder, on the other hand, give deep insights and works on an extensive model that aligned to the requirement of a fielding coach. Well, the comparison here is not the concern because both the apps complement each other and provide a holistic approach to the analysis.

However, technologies like—Hawkeye, DRS (Decision Review System), Snick-O-Meter, Ball Spin RPM, Hotspot, Use of sensors in bails & on boundaries have existed for a long time. But apps like Profielder & Cricviz have given a new dimension to how a holistic analysis should be done, and also opened the door for the fans to see into the game with more intelligence. By seeing these breakthrough technologies, one thing is confirmed Cricket is embracing technology like never before. Even ICC (International Cricket Council) has recognized the power of digital content and tied up with ByteDance to deliver short videos on TikTok and Helo.

There is another perspective you have to be acquainted with. Since Cricket has become a global sport, many countries are investing their talent & capital in it. This opens an opportunity for app marketers to develop and launch apps to tempt cricket lovers. Following the tail of the same trend, as a mobile application development company, we have developed Skill Squad.

It is an online fantasy game that provides you with interesting & unique features to play with your friends. You will also get amazing rewards if your team wins.

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