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iOS 16 beta 2 has been made available for download by Apple two weeks following the initial release of iOS 16 beta 1. This is the first release after Apple announced WWDC 2022 and after the first beta test version of iOS 16 was made available to the public. iOS 16 is a significant upgrade to iOS that brings a number of brand-new features to the lock screen, Messages, Focus mode, and notifications, among other areas of the operating system. Our in-depth coverage of the new features introduced in iOS 16 can be found here.

The build that is currently being used as a version number of 20A5303i. The iOS 16 beta 2 download weighs in at about 1.8 gigabytes. This release is only available to developers who have registered for it. Although the public beta version of iOS 16 is slated to be released in July, Apple has not yet made it available to the public.

In addition to the developer beta version of iOS 16 beta 2, Apple has also released the second beta version of macOS Ventura, watchOS 9, and tvOS 16 for developers. Each of these updates, in addition to the beta versions of iOS 16 and iPadOS 16, are downloaded on the devices themselves.

Several modifications made in iOS 16 beta 2 The second beta version of iOS 16 includes several changes and improvements over the first beta.

  • Message filtering in Apple’s iOS 16 beta 2 has been improved, and the company now gives developers the ability to divide incoming text messages from unknown numbers into a total of 12 subcategories. The categorizing of messages received from numbers that cannot be identified will be made easier with the help of these sub-categories, which are available inside the Promotion and Transaction categories.
  • Apple has also announced a new backup function specifically for users of its iCloud service. Users who backup Apple devices to iCloud can now back up their devices via LTE cellular networks and 5G networks. Previously, customers were limited to just being able to back up using Wi-Fi.
  • On the HomePod, consumers now have access to an improved beta software management experience thanks to the addition of a new menu. HomePod owners who have more than one HomePod can select which HomePod they want to install the beta on by turning on the switch that is located next to the HomePod’s name using this new menu. At this time, the menu is only viewable by those who have successfully installed the HomePod beta profile.
  • Apple has modified the editing and production process for new Lock Screens in response to customer feedback. Simply swiping up from the bottom of the screen and tapping the trash bin is now all that is required to remove undesirable Lock Screens.
  • In addition, the wallpaper selector within the Settings app has been updated to better communicate which wallpaper is now being altered.
  • When you set a new photo as your wallpaper on an Apple device, the company now gives you the option to pinch in or out to change the proportions of the wallpaper.
  • When using photos as wallpaper, you now have two additional filter options to choose from: a combination of grayscale and color wash
  • The dynamic Astronomy background has been updated to add a vibrant green dot that pinpoints your current location on the map. This dot indicates where you are right now.
  • The interactive Earth wallpaper is now available for use on older smartphones, such as the iPhone XS and iPhone XR.
  • You can now scrub through a video by pressing and holding the screen when using the system video player in iOS 16.
  • Apple Cash’s user interface has been updated to include send and request buttons in addition to the current balance.
  • The Apple Card interface that is found within the Wallet app will now provide you with a summary of the daily, weekly, and monthly rewards that you have received.


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