Watch out for the next big 7 iOS app development trends

Do you know? The accessibility of many handy applications wrapped with awe of astounding aspects and splendid utilities is a major reason for the massive progress of handheld devices, particularly since the beginning of mobile phones around 1997 when the Nokia 6110 iconic model stepped into the market to the era of smartphones. Later, with the onset of iPhone and iOS app development trends, it seems as if mobile apps are no less than the hero in saving and handling life with ease.

With a faster rate of transformation in development technology today, iOS app development trends are surprisingly altering plans of action and commercial success because according to Statista , the mobile industry is expected to generate 935 billion US dollars by 2023.

As a result, to meet the ever-increasing expectations and demands iOS application developers are following and implementing the most recent iOS app development trends to develop and deploy simply pleasing yet successful applications. If you want to stay competitive and offer first-rate apps, you should take note of ever-changing iOS app development trends.

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Here are the top 7 iOS app development trends that are worthwhile and will make your apps competitive and compelling in 2022.

1. Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

iOS app development is heavily working on core frameworks of machine learning to create profoundly advanced apps. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are considered to be the medium for any Siri-related, QuickType, or Camera application development and also serve as a hub for standard language processing for image analysis and gaming applications.

Further, ML and AI attract clients through the means of creating real-time applications. To provide a better customer experience, any iOS app development services may now incorporate Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence while developing applications.

Implementation of artificial intelligence is one of the well-known iOS trends that will grow in the times to come, as it combines cutting-edge technology which improves user-centric customization and experience.

2. Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality

App development for iOS has also entered the AR and VR cosmos. The optimized platform ARKit 5 of AR includes face tracking thanks to the iPad Pro’s super wide camera that tracks up to three faces via the TrueDepth camera.

Whereas, RealityKit 2 allows you to convert photos into 3D models straight from your iPad or iPhone with AR functionality to capture API on macOS. Even the combination of AR and VR takes the customer experience to the next level.

3. AI-driven Chatbots

Chatbots powered by artificial intelligence are in high demand for the core of iOS app development, as they are created by keeping in the future administrations which can do and manage all tasks by assisting in easy development.

To provide greater and enhanced customer assistance companies are integrating AI technology in their respective websites and apps because the service preference of half of the users is do-it-yourself which can be perfectly fulfilled by integrating chatbots based on artificial intelligence and it is benefiting not only the customers by reducing their answer’s wait time but also the companies are seeing noticeable growth in revenues.

4. iBeacon

When it comes to android vs ios, iBeacon is the one marking a significant difference as it is much more exact than GPS and can be built within the apps. Thus, building applications powered by this innovation will be sought after.

A growing number of companies are adapting to one of these iPhone app trends – iBeacon because it may deliver well-targeted advertising notes to potential clients as they stroll nearby. It combines components and incentives to entice customers and it is predicted to be bringing about a significant change in the way businesses communicate with their customers in the near future.


5. Cloud Storage Integration

Cloud-based iOS application development is one of the most useful iPhone app development advantages for backing up data from a mobile device automatically, as cloud-based apps are capable of taking businesses to more heights by storing data separately other than the servers. It can save application data in iCloud which ultimately leads to easy sharing, syncing in real-time, and much more.

Cloud-based iOS development will improve corporate presence, data storage, and security by backing up every single piece of data and freeing up extra space on the device.

6. Wearable Devices & IoT

The Internet of Things will make iOS devices more significant in the coming future as it will enable products with ease of interaction in wearable gadgets, other ones for transferring and sharing information and take them beyond the current series offering top features, such as wellness sensors linked to glucose or temperature.

Further, iOS has just released the most recent software known as HomeKit which improves the compatibility of home accessories. This HomeKit app will allow you to control your smart device’s lights through WiFi, Bluetooth, or even a remote assistant like Siri.

7. Security

Last but not the least, security is a must aspect that needs due attention because people are investing in security solutions to prevent data loss as much as possible. As with higher levels of security and protection solutions, cyberattacks can be prevented and even be put to a full stop by helping users download and use the application with the confidence of information security.

iOS applications are recognized for their security, as it has been focused on a variety of factors that provide a solid security foundation. With iOS 9 on the horizon, iPhone applications assure a greater level of security for all recently issued iOS applications besides supporting secure connections.

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The Bottom Line

If we go by the statistics of statista, then the new mobile operating system iOS 15 was installed on 63 percent of the Apple devices that accessed the Apple App Store in January 2022 while its predecessor (iOS 14) was running on 30 percent of mobile devices. Having that said, it is clear that people are ready to adopt new trends much faster than you can think.

Therefore, to thrive in this race of iOS application development, you need to follow iOS app development trends frequently, but also remember that these trends keep on changing with the passage of time and technological advances. So, keep a keen eye on high-performing, secure, robust, and reliable trends to ace your iOS development game.

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