Microsoft’s new Edge browser—New Entrant in the Browsing World

A long-awaited development from Microsoft has finally surfaced in the tech world. The tech giant has launched a new Edge browser and already pushed it out to Windows 10 PC and claiming that it is a complete revamp built on the chromium technology of Google Chrome.

Well, Microsoft has launched it with a lot of fanfare and promises. But they must be ready for a real uphill battle because ultimately it is going to compete in the Google Chrome world, which fortunately or unfortunately, commands over 67% of the whole browser market. The second distant is Firefox, which only holds 9% of the market.

So, the market share for Edge will be thin, but it could act as an opportunity for Microsoft to switch horses midstream. As the new edge is built upon the Chromium open-source engine and is now closer to Chrome than ever before, and finally got a chance to tap into Chrome’s vast library of extensions.

With all the abilities Microsoft edge has, it can gather about 100 productivity extensions for Edge, with more for ad blockers and other utilities. But still, it just can’t hold thousands of extensions available via the Chrome Web Store.

However, one thing is certain about this launch. Businesses will have a choice of whether to accept the new Edge, but consumers won’t. Along the same lines as the old Edge, the new Edge is integrated into Windows 10 and other versions will be available for Windows 8/8.1 and even Apple’s macOS.

Setup: It is quick and easy

Most of the browsers available always try their best to minimize the setup and installation process. Here, the Edge also serves the same experience. But this time Microsoft is more interesting in migrating users from Chrome rather than shifting from the old Edge to the new.

Now coming down to the set-up process. In fact, it is quick and easy as we mentioned. It is started with the permission in which you would ask if you like the new Edge to import Favorites, Passwords, and the like from Chrome or another browser. It also includes how you would like to set up your new tab screens, and whether to accept targeted advertising to improve your browsing experience.

The user experience of Edge

This time Microsoft has put a lot of focus on user interface and user experience. This time the page layout is visually distinctive, with sidebars representing multiple ways of rearranging the content that identifies the browser.

If you look at the New Edge and Chrome, there is little to distinguish between them. Talking about similarities to Chrome, then it has much the same back, forward, home, and page refresh controls, plus a star at the end of the URL bar to set the current page as a favorite.

Additionally, the new Edge allows you to both Microsoft curated Edge extensions as well as the Google Chrome Web Store. You will also be able to enable content from other web stores to access and load them.

Privacy and syncing

On one hand, most browsers require you to sign in to ensure that favorites, passwords and save your browser history saved across various devices. But on the other hand, Microsoft’s new Edge benefits from knowing your Microsoft account password and syncing that information with the window devices you are signed into.

As you know, Microsoft had saved information like an address from previous browser sessions. So it uses that information later for new sessions, However, you are also allowed to turn off synching as well.

Performance: solid, not exceptional

As we have already mentioned that the dominance of Chrome can’t be challenged shortly. That is why competing browsers take a small advantage they can take. Like Opera has its free, unlimited VPN; Brave focuses on privacy and its BAT token for paying creators with the virtual currency. But, in the case of Microsoft’s new edge, it is not having such a feature kind of USP or feature. Although, it has included convenience and decent speed, which can attract users for some time.

One thing is sure Microsoft’s new edge is faster than the previous one. But it is not sure that it would be faster than the current version of Chrome, and the other dominant browser, as. the new Edge remains a work in progress and will see fluctuations in performance over time.

But here comes the catch. The new Edge features various options for protecting you from online frauds, support for extensions (both from the Chrome Web Store and Microsoft’s extension repository), reader mode, and the ability to switch profiles.

A Thoughtful Summary

Hopefully, this new version of Edge will prevent Chrome from turning into the new Internet Explorer 6 and bring some healthy browser competition to a market that is still dominated by Chrome. It is good for consumers to have the two biggest giants competing to improve the web experience.

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