12 Reasons to Choose Node.Js for Product Development

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Ashutosh Singh

Choosing the right web app development technology is not easy as it seems, it is a quite boring job. All though we have choices as there are various programming languages, technologies, frameworks available in the market but still it is difficult for the business owners, entrepreneurs to select the right one.

Efficiency maintenance is the important factor which needs to be considered during Node.js web application development. The longer the time involved in the completion of the project the more it will cost.

Node.js is known to be a very efficient cross-platform, JavaScript runtime environment is being used for developing scalable and effective REST APIs desktop and mobile apps, and more.

What is Node.js?

Node.js is not a framework or library, but it is a runtime environment. It is dependent on the V8 JavaScript engine of Chrome that helps apply the JavaScript code server-side.

There is a reason why Node.js is so much loved by the developers or business owners is because of its outstanding support of JavaScript and unique features.

  • 43% of Node.js developers utilize it for enterprise apps.
  • 85% utilize it mainly for web application development.

Node.js provides two-way uninterrupted communication between client-side and server-side. Therefore, it breaks down the work pressure between the client and the service provider. Moreover, it works on a single-threaded event-based loop for making all non-blocking mobile apps. 

Common Areas to Use Node.js

Node.js is generally used for projects that use JavaScript in a proactive manner on the front-end and back-end. Checkout the most common areas to use Node.js: 

  • Real-time chat applications
  • Static file server
  • Web app framework
  • Embedded systems
  • Microservices
  • Command-line applications
  • Automation and Scripting
  • Browser games Hardware programming
  • Data streaming applications
  • Complex SPAs (Single page apps)

Main Reasons to Choose Node.js for Web App Development

Let us checkout the prime reasons why you should invest in your next Node.js web application development company project!

1. It Permits Easy Sharing

By disclosing the Node Package Manner (NPM) it makes sharing simpler. This is a critical reason why a Web App Development company chooses Node.js for the development. As organizations are aware that this runtime environment will speed up their activities.

Lot of Node.js developers love this because it makes sharing easy. Developers use this to maintain codes to an extent level. NPM allows Node.js developers to deploy the codes effortlessly by divulging them.

The storehouse has more than 50,000 bundles which helps developers in making arrangements before starting the project. 

2. It Gives Long-Term Support

Each and every Node.js release gets maintained actively for the next eighteen months from the date of its entry to Long-Term Support. In this period, no new feature gets combined with the latest version whereas all the security updates and bug fixes are looked after by the development team.

Around 62% developers brainstorm for long-term support for the web application. Node.js is no doubt the best option for developers to work on.

3. It is a Highly Fast

Node.js runs on Google’s V8 Engines, it handles I/O operations and network requests with its event driven and non blocking architecture which makes it more performant as compared to other server side programming languages.

Node.js is expert in speeding up the projects of web development. PayPal and Netflix is the perfect example as they both saw a great result in the performance with the use of Node.js.

PayPal experienced a 35% reduction in average response time for web development services.

4. It Enables Easier Data Streaming

Product development is not that simple as people think it is. Successful software development requires high-end I/O management. But this is not easy with frameworks that treat HTTP requests and responses as whole data objects. This is when apps built on Node.js are called to upload on the server as it is much better in managing I/O procedures which allows users to transcode files during upload timeonly. 

5. It Enhances Productivity

Node.js enhances the result of the development project when discussed about features and libraries. Node.js permits developers to use single scripting language, write code for both server and client-side. You will come across different tools to improve a web development project’s work rate.

According to a report published in 2018 about Node.js that Node.js can improve business productivity. However, only 4% of organizations state that it did not affect.

Node.js has the skills that can boost the performance of your app by 48%. US and Canada organizations that executed Node.js in their business told that it helped them improve the productivity of developers by 68%.

6. It is Cost-Effective

Node.js for web development is used by many developers as it doesn’t require a lot of investment. Since Node.js is faster than other development frameworks, the cost is reduced by 56%.

According to studies, companies that choose to use Node.js for web development use less computing power for hosting them.

7. It Creates Real-Time Web Apps

Node.js is a benefit for developers who want to alleviate work pressure in their jobs and want to ease their work for the web and app development like gaming applications and messenger. For the web applications that require the non-blocking and event-based server. Node.js mobile app development is best for developing real-time web apps.

8. It Allows Single Codebase

Node.js web application development projects allow developers to work on a single codebase or scripting language for both client-side and server-side. Some of the web development agencies find it difficult to work on single code.

Some frameworks require various languages so organizations basically hire developers who have experience in more than one language or they hire 2 different developers.

9. It Deploys Web Apps Easily

The web apps developed on Node.js can be deployed easily and proficiently. With the use of this framework, developers can complete and test all parts of web apps effortlessly. This framework is useful for a PWA development agency. The procedure of finalizing the applications for deployment can be accelerated by various tools.

10. Node.js is Well-Supported by a Strong and Large Community

The community of Node.js is quite large and well-supported and this is continuously developing. Because of its reputation and large group of people who work continuously on enhancement.

11. It Can Be Used to build a Proxy Server

This is an important function of Node.js. You can leverage it for some intermediary administrations alongside comparing the reaction time. You just need a 20-line code for using Node.js as a proxy server. Furthermore, it can be used to stream data from different reliable sources.

12. It Uses Developers’ JavaScript Skills Efficiently

JavaScript is in the blood of the developers. Every developer knows how to write a JavaScript code. Furthermore using Node.js, the developer can make use of the tiniest skill of JavaScript. 

Node.js framework is dependent on JavaScript. Therefore it is simple for JavaScript developers to use. 

Bottom Lines

The above-mentioned reasons mean that Node.js is powerful in developing a web application. It permits both developers and users to use the web app to its full ability and produces profitable results. As a web development company, Mobcoder has the strength to reinvigorate Node.js product development in leeway.

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