7 Kinds of Apps That Can be Developed With Python

Do you want to know which language to choose for developing a million-dollar app? We are here to take a closer look at the concept of Python app development for your dream app!


Developed in 1989 by Guido Van Rossum, Python is a powerful programming language that emphasizes the DRY principle (Don’t Repeat Yourself). It is the most widely used & multi-purpose technology that is dynamically typed and interpreted. 

Such high-level features debug the errors easily and promote the rapid development of applications making Python the main coding language. Fortunately, it is free and easy to learn.

Python app development is pretty much popular among developers as Python is used to resolve a wide range of issues. It should be able to match the requirements of the majority of mobile applications. According to Stack Overflow, Python is considered the ever-growing programming language across the globe, and it will continue to grow rapidly.

Undoubtedly, the Python application is a go-to technology in the most demanded and dynamic industries. This programming language is already popular as it is ubiquitous, adaptable, reliable, and convenient to learn. In fact, it was previously declared as the ‘Top Programming Language’, even outperforming the original Java language. 

Overall, it has facilitated the python app development ecosystem to a great extent and hence, deserves the above title – ‘Top Programming Language’

So, let’s take the road of knowledge leading towards Python software development and the kind of applications that can be created using this. It requires great skills and knowledge for developers to understand how to make an app with Python. 

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Now is the time to jump straight into Python Applications 🙂

7 Kinds of Apps you can build using Python:

7 Kinds of Apps you can build using Python

1. Blockchain Applications 

Blockchain is one of the hottest trends of this decade in technology that has amazed us since its inception. It has swept the market off its feet, but from developers’ perspective, Blockchain development is not an easy nut to crack. 

However, apps built using Python have literally made it easier. The use of Python frameworks like Flask can help developers to interact with their blockchain over the Internet and is specifically used to resolve IoT issues. 

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Developers are also able to address IoT concerns. Python is able to perform multiple functions with a single command and also run the scripts on multiple machines for developing a decentralized network.

For a better experience, Blockchain technology is being extensively used in healthcare, supply chain, cryptocurrency, and insurance. 

2. Command-line applications

Also called Console Applications, a Command-line application is a computer program formed to be utilized from the command line that does not have a GUI. Python is a suitable language for such applications because of its unique Read-Eval-Print-Loop (REPL) feature that makes it easier for developers to evaluate the language and identify possibilities currently not available. 

Since Python software development is in major demand globally, top businesses have access to the pool of free Python libraries that they can use for developing command-line apps.

3. Audio and Video applications

Python app development helps in building several types of audio and video applications. In today’s era,  the internet is highly bombarded with audio and video content, Python can analyze it all. 

PyDub and OpenCV are the two Python libraries that can successfully lead to the completion of the python app development. Did you know that one of the most popular app – Youtube – is built with Python? Yes!

Now, you can easily conclude how effective and incredible this language is in creating high-performing and responsive apps. 

4. Game app development

This is for all the gaming enthusiasts, most of the games such as EVE Online and Battlefield 2 were built with Python technology. Battlefield 2 and the World of Tanks use Python for their add-on features and functionalities. 

It is the language that is most suitable for designing complex gaming levels as it offers real-time testing that fastens up the entire development process while building an app from scratch. 

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No wonder, a large number of gaming apps use Python as the main programming language. It helps build the game designing tools for app development – PyGame and PySoy are the games made with Python and are used for their libraries and functionalities, hence these use Python. 

In fact, Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean game was written with the help of the Panda 3D game engine – which chose Python as their main programming language.

5. System administration applications

Since administrative tasks can be really complicated, System Administration applications are a savior for the management. The tasks may include large-sized data which is tough to manually handle i.e with no use of technology. 

However, with Python app development, the developers can make administrative apps that can save all the manual battles required to do the job. Using this, developers can simply communicate with several operating systems by using the OS module that Python is currently running on. 

Apart from this, IO operations are readily available for convenient reading and writing to the file system. When compared to other programming languages, Python relatively makes everything so easy. 

6. Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence Applications

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence have been another inspiring tech trend of this decade that has taken the world by storm. Such technologies make our everyday lives really simple. Most business vertices are adapting machine learning development in order to elevate their reach to the target audience and scale up business operations.

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Python comes with outstanding libraries like Pandas and Scikit-Learn for Machine Learning & AI Apps that are available in the market for free and requires a GUI license. Earlier development of such high-tech apps was tricky and tedious, but now with python app development, life is simpler. 

7. Business Applications

Most people use their smartphones at all times. Applications built using Python highly support practical agility, therefore Python also assists in ERP and E-Commerce solutions. Python is a highly scalable language and brings agility to create business apps that are robust and highly interactive. 

For example, Odoo, an all-in-one management software is written in Python and offers a variety of business management apps. Another application built using Python is Tryton.

Reasons why Python is so famous:

As per the TIOBE Programming Community index, the Python language holds the third rank among the top 20 programming languages used by developers worldwide. 

There are plenty of reasons why Python is so famous and beneficial to different apps among all programming languages. Hence, it is right to say that the above-mentioned applications play a pivotal role in Python’s popularity. 

There are numerous areas where Python stands out. Some of the benefits of Python are as follows:

  1. It is a quite versatile and reliable programming language for app development
  2. Its speed is much faster than other modern languages.
  3. Python’s code is simple to understand & learn.
  4. It is very much compatible with several operating systems.
  5. It facilitates test-driven app development.
  6. Python has hundreds of libraries and frameworks available for experts
  7. It provides excellent cross-platform support.
  8. It has a powerful community network and corporate sponsors.
  9. Python supports Machine learning and Cloud computing.

Famous Apps built with Python:

Famous Apps built with Python

Big businesses appreciate this programming language. Let’s take a close look at some popular apps built with Python that you probably didn’t know. 

  1. Instagram
  2. Pinterest
  3. Spotify
  4. Dropbox
  5. Uber
  6. Reddit

Final Note:

All in all, we can see that Python app development is extensively fast and flexible. No doubt, there is a big possibility to develop applications made with Python because of the versatility of its code and the benefits offered.

Furthermore, there are a number of libraries available for several types of applications like Blockchain, Command-line, Audio & Visual, Games, System administration, Machine learning & AI, and Business – the reason why most of the industry verticals choose applications made with Python over a pool of other modern languages. 

No matter what type, or for which industry, you want to develop an app; Python can surely be a great choice. So why wait so much to get an app developed, and scale your business to new heights. 

Mobcoder, a python app development company can help you turn your vision into reality and build an amazing product as per your business needs. If you are planning to build a Python mobile app for your business, reach out today.

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