Why is Python a Perfect Career Choice? Why is Python a Perfect Career Choice? Why is Python a Perfect Career Choice? Why is Python a Perfect Career Choice?

Python language and developers are in very high demand in the software world. So if you have the right skills and technical acumen for python, your career will grow by leaps and bounds.

Talking about the usage of Python, it is used in different programming scenarios; right from the different web applications to the games. Owing to its popularity and significance, some of the biggest corporations like NetFlix, Paypal, Dropbox, and more are using it.

By using Python, these corporations are pushing their abilities on cognitive technologies like Data Analytics, Natural language processing, speech analytics, data analysis, and artificial intelligence.

Certainly, the future of Python programming in the coming decades is very bright and further developments will make it a more viable option for software development.

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What Is Python?

Python is a high-level, general-purpose programming language. Like other languages, it also supports the same programming fundamentals as other languages do, like loops, conditionals, and functions for assembling software algorithms. It also comes with an easy-to-learn syntax and paves the way for easy readability and reduces programming maintenance costs.;

With Python, developers can get multiple modules and packages, which assists program modularity and it allows them to reuse the code. The language is known for its object-orientated approach and object-based data structures to develop large in-size and reusable software.

However, there was a bit of reluctance at first for its adoption and companies have a basic understanding of what is Python used for. But in recent years, its adoption rate and popularity have reached an unprecedented level. Now, as it has an open-source community, millions of developers are helping to make it more viable for learners via open-source projects.;

Why Are Python Programmers Experiencing a Demand Surge?

Why Are Python Programmers Experiencing a Demand Surge?

As it comes with some high-level libraries and frameworks, developers can use it to meet tailor-made solutions. Some examples of the most popular Python frameworks and libraries are Matplolib, NumPy, and Pandas.;

Quote: Now as per the TIOBE index to the first table in May 2021, Python has become the second most popular programming language in the world

Now why big companies are in some kind of hurry to adopt Python programming language. The reason is these companies are using large-scale artificial intelligence and machine learning in their core operations. And now Python is the helping hand to them to meet their needs with advanced libraries like NumPy and Pandas. So the demand for Python is at its peak nowadays.

With this digital wave at the forefront, websites and applications are becoming more and more complex. So web development frameworks like Django and Flask allow efficient streaming of complex websites and applications. This also makes Python an ultimate choice to develop these websites and applications. This is a fact one can witness an unprecedented demand for resources with Python-based skills.;;

Python Programming Jobs, Roles, and Responsibilities

You can witness new job openings in Python every day. Amazingly, there are more than 38,000 Python developers listings in the U.S.

Programming in Python with efficient Python skills can choose from multiple job roles. Some of the most popular ones are:

Data Scientist: Without a doubt, it is one of the hottest and highly paid jobs in this domain. One has to be proficient in Mathematics and Statistics to perform better in this profile. Currently, every active tech company is in a quest to uncover business insights from their raw data. So as a data scientist, you must find ways to analyze the data and extract insights from it.

AI/ML researcher: Artificial Intelligence with machine learning offers the most exciting job opportunities if you are a Python developer. As the domain requires a unique and market-ready approach for software design, architecture, and development. As an AI/ML researcher, you have to contribute to a process where machines learn intelligence from real-world scenarios and try to act like a human brain. It includes natural language processing and speech analytics.

Software engineer: A clear understanding of the concepts of web technologies like JavaScript, HTML, and CSS is a must for web developers. And with Python addition to the skillset, software engineers and developers can work anywhere in the industry

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Python Programmer Salaries

Python Programmer Salaries

Salaries are already high in this domain and still, they are increasing at an unprecedented level. As per the report of DAXX, the average salary in the U.S in 2021 is above $110,000, while developers can get $86,000 at entry-level.;

average-Python Programmer Salaries

Developers will get their salary raises based on their experience, certification, and the complexity of the projects they have been working on. But when it comes to Python, a college degree or any certification is not necessary. Even Python for beginners with the right skill and land up in a good job.

Is Python Easy or Hard To Learn?

Among many programming languages, like Ruby, Java, and PHP, among others. While all of these cater to software applications implementation, ease of learning is very significant.

The general view is that learning Python is as compared to other programming languages. Python comes with complex functions that pave the way to run code without any errors. Plus, the Python language doesn’t have any complex syntax, which makes it easier to learn for anyone with a basic understanding of coding.

While navigating the available resources to learn the language is pretty difficult. So one can learn from many instructional textbooks, online blogs, and online courses run by multiple platforms.

While these resources will provide you with a very basic introduction to Python coding, the best thing to do (even if you’re familiar with Python basics) is to go for an online Bootcamp that is customized for the learning purpose.

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