Tread Maps: Propagating Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion – A Commitment to Trails for All

Over the past few years, we have witnessed an unprecedented surge in outdoor recreational activities among people. Whether they are mountains, forest ranges, sanctuaries. People love to visit them and want to spend their leisure time in the lap of nature.

To make this experience extraordinary & dynamic, industry experts have taken the digital way and developed platforms to make an outstanding trail system. Now, our experts have taken this experience to another level by developing “Tread Maps”. 

“Tread Map” A trail mapping app designed by valley experts, it is a comprehensive mapping app that allows locals and visitors to plan their outing, share their experience and other conditions to contribute to the community. 

Putting it nicely and succinctly, “Trail experience has got new meaning & dimension with the “Tread map”. 

Look why Tread Map holds prestige as one of the most comprehensive trail systems:

These trails provide exercise, escape, and enjoyment. We understand that it’s vital to take care of the system that has quickly become one of the most recognized assets of our community. And visitors are discovering and enjoying our trails, too.

Get Real-Time Updates

The best trail experience is a perfect embodiment of safety, acquaintance with the best routes, beforehand information on real-time conditions like—Weather, avalanche danger, or other hindrances. 

Designed by Valley Experts (That you can’t get anywhere else)

Designed by valley experts, it is a comprehensive mapping app that allows locals and visitors to plan their outing, share their experience, and other conditions to contribute to the community.

Designed on Best Navigation Technology

Designed by the trail & navigation technology experts, it has all the elements to empower you to stay found, and know what’s best around you.

Be a Part of a Community

Using Tread Maps will not only act as a tool to assist you in your outdoor recreational activity. But with it, you will join a strong community of trial overs and there you can share your experiences and get all the latest updates on the trail you desire to explore. You will get all the real-time updates through the community members themselves. Or you can self post your personal experiences and trail stories on the forum directly. 

Tread maps

Get Emergency Updates 

Wondering what the current, real-time conditions are like? Concerned about avalanche danger? Is the parking lot crowded full? Get all the real-time emergency updates on the Tread Map app. This information also allows users and land managers to customize information.

A Handy Tool for Land Managers

TREAD MAPS provides dozens of data overlay options that allow users and land managers to customize information. It makes this tool not just handly for the visitors but also helps to improve the quality of life for everyone who lives in or visits the region. So the goal is to bring all the stakeholders on one platform. 

Now, it comes to why Tread Maps is not just an app to assist you on trails- 

Today, you can witness a good number of apps providing Trail experiences. You can discover nature, hiking, biking, backpacking, and running trails around the world. Or you can hike, walk, run, or mountain bike ride with our GPS activity tracker.

Or you easily find an amazing spot for camping or backpacking. But the whole concept of the Tread Map is different. It successfully combines the terms- Trail, Recreation, Education, Advocacy, and Development. Well, by seeing this terminology, you can self evaluate that it is worth more than a tool to assist your outdoor adventure.

Let’s Understand the Mission behind Tread Maps:

  • It highly advocates for recreation in the Wenatchee Valley by establishing communication between visitors and land managers. It facilitates communication, collaboration, planning, and fast execution. 
  • It highly propagates the culture encircles the good quality of life and health in the region
  • Uplift the economy through recreational activities. That’s why making activities more frequent and easy by using the best navigation technology and enabling real-time updates.

How the mission will be achieved? 

  • By consolidating recreational stakeholders to develop & implement regional priorities, strategies & action plans that best suited the motive of TREAD as well as member organizations
  • By engaging citizens of all levels to improve wellbeing and raising the overall quality in the community.

Go Virtual with the Tread and Tread Map App 

To keep the riding community alive and kicking, Evergreen Central, a non-profit organization focuses on mountain bike advocacy, educating riders of all abilities, especially youth, have gone virtual with Summer Ride Series with help of Tread. Evergreen hosted rides virtually through 

Tread delivers you a feel for each area’s unique character that have been chosen from our four project areas, Echo Ridge, Ski Hill, No. 2 Canyon, and Squilchuck State Park. 

Tread maps

Geographical Area

Wenatchee, East Wenatchee, Cashmere, Leavenworth, Chelan, and Quincy. Shall be the loose boundary. With time and constant community support, Tread will extend its support to other similar efforts in farther away areas as our organization grows.

The real-time updates on the Tread Map app are not only restricted to real-time weather reports and closures. But if you are part of the community, you will get all the timely updates on the events happening in the valley. 

Tread maps

A Road to Conclusion 

TREAD stands for Trails Recreation Education Advocacy and Development. The goal is to bring all the various stakeholders together (motorized, non-motorized, water, snow, and land) so we can move forward in a coordinated fashion to thoughtfully and sustainably provide the best OR experiences we can, improving the quality of life for everyone who lives in or visits the region.

So if you are vying for a perfect trail and recreation experience. The Tread Map app is a perfect platform to land. 

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