Welcome to the Augmented World with Facebook’s “Orion” Smart Glasses



Charlie Marjot

Facebook’s interest in Augmented Reality (AR) was well evident from Mark Zuckerberg words at the company’s 2016 developer conference. In which he clearly mentioned that Augmented reality has all the potential to bring a transition in the social media world.

Now by working throughout the past few years, some new developments have surfaced recently. The Facebook glasses are internally named “Orion” and it is being developed by the company’s Reality Labs. Under the aegis of the same project, a patent has also been filled by the company a few months back.

To make this project more market-ready, Facebook has also partnered with Luxottica to develop augmented-reality Ray-Ban glasses. With this partnership, the social media giant is hopeful to reach to the consumers through these smart glasses by 2024, if not by 2023.

The prime reason behind Facebook rallying strongly behind this project is that these glasses are slated to replace smartphones. It is expected that they will be equipped enough to make calls, show notifications, display important info, and even live stream anything on social media platforms.

However, at some point, the social media player was in a stalemate over the size of the device and the selection of the features. But now, they have sort on this concern and all set to develop a full-fledged device with high-end features. Regarding the features, it was earlier reported that Facebook has plans to launch an AI assistant in-built with these glasses. It is a ring-shaped device, named as “Agios”, and capable of getting the user input by motion sensors.

Bottom Line: Without a shadow of a doubt, we can say that AR is going to be the next big thing in the computing world. Not only Facebook, but other tech giants also believe that smart glasses that superimpose computer-generated images over the real world will be the most acceptable and beloved technology of the future. Microsoft makes the HoloLens 2 headset, Magic Leap has its Magic Leap One AR Glasses, Snap has its Spectacles Glasses, and more, But unfortunately, none of them left any significant impact.

But by measuring the seriousness of Mark Zuckerberg about this project “Orion”, we must be hopeful for a greater response of “Orion”. If want to get more acquainted with the virtual and augmented world, contact our tech experts.

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