Angular vs React – the Optimal Choice for App Development

Are you planning to use JavaScript to build an application? Yeah hell good, but you have to choose the right framework for the success of your project.

Talking about the two most acclaimed frameworks in JavaScript development, then Angular vs React always wins. Both of the frameworks Angular or React can be used to build web apps and mobile apps.

Yes, they both have their own set of advantages and some difference between React and Angular. Yet they carry some disadvantages or we can say have some shortcomings. Now, let’s have a closer look at Angular vs React to identify which one will be the wisest choice for your project.

A succinct comparison of ReactJS and AngularJS:

A succinct comparison of ReactJS and AngularJS

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What is ReactJS?

It is an open-source JavaScript library and popularly used to develop dynamic user interfaces. It was originally developed by Facebook, and structurally, it is based on JavaScript and a PHP extension called JSX.

  • GitHub Stars: 156,000+
  • Latest ReactJS Version: 16.13.1 (March 2020)
  • Official Website: reactjs

Now it is time to present some notable attributes of ReactJS and why ReactJS is used for:

  • Better User Experience

    React relies on the Virtual DM (an abstract form of Real DOM). So basically, it empowers developers to make in-app updates performed by the users without affecting the overall interface. This paves the way for a highly flexible UI with a scalable user experience.

  • Time-Saving

    With the latest React version, the developers can resume the code components at multiple levels. Besides, the components are isolated to each other, and changes in one doesn’t hamper the performance of the other ones, it is easy to manage the update. This element makes app development easier, fast, and efficient with ReactJS. So here in React Vs Angular, React is the winner.

  • Quick Development

    Developers reuse the existing code and apply hot reloading into the process with ReactJS. This feature improves app performance drastically and accelerates the development speed further

  • Faster Testing

    React relies on the usage of Redux, which removes the bottleneck of storage and managing component states in large-sized and complex applications.

    It empowers the developers to add the application state in a single object and customize every component of the app to access the application state without involving other components.

    That makes the testing process and log data changes very easy, along with the use of hot reloading.

  • Code Stability

    ReactJS allows the developers to manage the components directly and employ downward data to ensure edits in child entities don’t leave any impact on parent entities. This further ensures the code stability and leaves good scope for any future development. So when we talk about the use of code in the future between React Vs Angular, React emerges as a better option.

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What is Angular JS?

AngularJS is a comprehensive Model-View-Controller (MVC) framework powered by tech giant Google. In the same vein, AngularJS is used to build the dynamic and user-engaging components of a website.

  • Github Stars: 66,000 +
  • AngularJS latest version: Angular 10 (Aug 2020)
  • Official Website: angularjs

Now it is time to present some notable attributes of AngularJS

  • Cleaner Code

    It uses the TypeScript programming language (another superset of JavaScript). It compiles JavaScript, and eventually, eases the entire process of identifying and eliminating general errors during code typing.

    This led to helping the developer to write clean, quality, and error-free codes. And when it comes to investing in high-quality apps, companies must consider this factor for the application development process.

  • Higher Performance

    Although Angular has a hierarchical dependency and all the classes are dependent on each other. On the other hand, AngularJS doesn’t have such a dependency in terms of classes. They rather turn towards the external sources, which ultimately delivers better performance to the Angular mobile applications.

  • Material Design-like Interface

    Amazingly, Angular versions come with pre-installed material design components in the terms of navigation elements, form controls, pop-ups, layout, and data tables. These versions empower the app developers to think beyond Google Design’s impact on Mobile app design and design a digital product that gauges the user’s attention.

  • Better Error Handling

    Now, Angular 7 is the latest version of Angular, and it comes with the advanced error handling process for @Output in the scenarios where a property is not initiated.

AngularJS and ReactJS Use Cases

Yes, you got it right, both AngularJS and ReactJS have some amazing features for app development. But still, it is hard to choose between them. You can figure out and choose as per the purpose and the type of app. But now, first, see how many top-notch applications are developed on AngularJS and ReactJS.

AngularJS and ReactJS Use Cases

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AngularJS vs ReactJS: Popularity Among Developers

Developers love both React vs Angular, and use them as per the purpose, skill, and complexity of the app. Plus, choosing between Angular or React also depends on the scope of the project. Take a sneak peek of their popularity.

AngularJS vs ReactJS: Popularity Among Developers

A Road to Conclusion- React vs Angular and which is better

Well, both the frameworks have their attributes, and some have some differences between React and Angular. But they are both destined to make scalable, efficient, and user-friendly apps, but particular to the purpose.

The choice of the framework relies on the project’s requirements and your personal preferences. Succinctly, for less-experienced developers, ReactJS is a better option as it operates relatively simply. You may hire ReactJS developers if your project requirements are satisfied to the desired degree.

On the other hand, AngularJS is a good fit for highly experienced developers and considered a comprehensive solution to front-end development and a better option for enterprise or large-scale apps.

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