How to Hire ReactJS Developers the Right Way – A Step-by-Step Guide

Knowing how to hire reactjs developers can be a challenge, and it all comes down to acquiring a good understanding of the market, product development objectives, and developer mindset. This blog focuses on how to find ReactJS developers who can help you build a stable application.


We are living in the digital age where everything is controlled by apps and websites. Who would have thought that people would be using smartphones for almost everything?

 Now there are many businesses that have their websites but most of them stop there and do not take advantage of their electronic presence to increase their business. They do not move onto another step which is making sure that every website links up to each other. 

If you just hire React native developers without knowing how you are going to use them then you may end up getting developers who only know about coding and not much about user experience design or marketing in general. 

This can cause your app or website to fail no matter how good your tech guys are. It cannot be emphasized enough the importance of hiring the right reactjs developers to sit on your reactjs projects and work to ensure that it meets all its deadlines while completely adhering to the company’s budget constraints. 

A Comprehensive Guide to Hire React JS Developers

The number of companies and websites using ReactJS is constantly growing. In order to hire reactjs developers, you have to make sure that the developer you choose has all the necessary skills, tools, methods, and imagination for the job.

So anytime you decide to hire a team of developers to develop your web property, it is essential to know what is reactjs and its capability? If you are looking to know where to begin, let Mobcoder help you. Our mission is to make it possible for you to get exactly what you want from your project and make your decision to hire reactjs developers worthwhile.

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What is ReactJS Technology all about?

ReactJs may sound like a tricky thing to work with, but actually, it is quite simple. Facebook created and maintains it. ReactJs allows you to easily create mobile apps and web pages. 

This can be easily combined with other libraries allowing the building of complex applications. The available JSX markup that supports ReactJS is another plus point for it. The components of React are reusable which makes maintaining them easier.

Top 5 Skills to Look for While Hiring a ReactJS Developer:

If you are looking to hire react js developer, the experts are expected to possess more skills other than being able to simply use the technologies. The expert developers must have excellent skills like the following:

1. Technical Skill

The ideal candidate should have a bachelor’s degree in computer science and must be a good team player to work in a company/ team environment. Some of the skills that the candidate will require should be familiarity with Node JS, HTML 5, and CSS3 and also experience with React Native.

2. JavaScript & ECMAScript

Hire react developers who are well versed with JavaScript features, operations & syntax. Your chosen developer should have the ability to convert ReactJS components into reusable elements by using JavaScript’s functions and operational methods. 

An experienced ReactJS needs to have in-depth knowledge about ECMA Script (ES6) features such as functions, DOM manipulation, hoisting, JS scopes, event bubbling, and other syntaxes to develop intuitive versions of critical components such as virtual DOM interchange format (VDIF), React abstract syntax tree (AST), and unidirectional data flow.

3. Adjacent Technologies

You’re thinking about hiring a ReactJS developer to start your project, right? Don’t make the mistake of hiring just anyone. Hire a 3-JS developer who has experience developing scalable, high-performance applications with Express-React combo and MERN Stack.

4. Testing Frameworks & Tools

If you want to hire a ReactJS developer, it’s not easy to determine whether that person is the best fit for your project. The perfect ReactJS developer for your team should have good unit, integration, and E2E testing knowledge.  Here are the skills they should have, including Unit Testing tools and frameworks like Jest, Tape, Sinon, Chai, and Mocha – and Integration Testing tools like Karma. 

They must also be well versed with End-to-end Testing frameworks and some other tools like Cypress, Selenium, Puppeteer, NightwatchJS, etc. 

5. JavaScript Build Tools

If you are looking for dedicated React developers with prior experience in multiple JavaScript tools and building JavaScript applications, look no further. The best ReactJS developers should have experience using current build tools such as React Developer Tools – Google Chrome extension and Redux DevTools.

Steps to find the right reactjs developer:

Steps to find the right reactjs developer

Undoubtedly, hiring reactjs developers for your project may be a challenging ordeal. There are several steps that you need to validate, along with other essential factors before hiring one. It’s time to explore the essential steps to finding the best reactjs programmer:

Step 1: Conduct thorough candidate research

In order to hire dedicated developers, the first thing to do is to review their CVs with your HR team. Look over the candidate’s resume and check out when they actually worked on this technology, as well as its competitor Angular. 

Furthermore, do check out how his app development portfolio—was it using SEO, or was it using React? Also, make sure to check how many years he has been specializing in working with React development.

Step 2: Get ready for the interview

As a hiring manager of a tech company, it is important that you know your technology and ask related questions during an interview in order to hire react developer. While it can be difficult to identify a developer’s expertise in JavaScript, there are some tell-tale signs that the candidate has made an effort to prepare. 

If you came up with a few of these characteristics for each candidate, then you will get impressive candidates who considered your company as a top pick.

Let us take you through a list of questions that you can ask during the interview process:

1.  What do you mean when you say “pure functional components”?

2. In React, how will you use keys?

3. What will you do with React refs?

4. Explain the significance of keys.

5. Comparison of various lifecycle phases for React Components. What will you do to make them a certain feature or interface?

6. In React, how will you build HOCs (Higher Order Components)?

7. Explain Virtual DOM and its working system? 

8. Please compare the functions forceUpdate() and setState().

Step 3: Assess final results and hire the ideal candidate

How can one tell if a React JS developer is worth their salt or not? The fact is that there isn’t a magic wand for this. It is only through your persistence and the process of hiring that you will be able to find out who the real prodigy amongst all these applicants is.

Finding A Perfect Partner- Touching The Final Chord

You may take the help of a dedicated staff that we have, which means you will be taken care of by highly skilled recruiters who can match your requirements and attract you to some of the best React JS developers. 

Alternatively, you might work with us if you want to hire reactjs developers. Therefore, hiring a dedicated staff can bear fruitful effects as they are well-versed with our company’s structure and policies. 

We will offer the best React JS development service in the industry without fail by following a systematic approach towards the individual recruitment processes so that you get what you want and not what we want.

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Wrapping up:

That’s about it for this in-depth guide. Hiring ReactJS developers for your business might not be an easy thing to do but if you follow these steps you can reap the benefits of higher revenues and business growth. 

Go through the points discussed above and make sure that your future hire has expertise in project management and software development trends. Also, do let us know if you require assistance when you want to hire reactjs developers at Mobcoder.

At Mobcoder, we have a pool of certified Reactjs engineers, who can help you implement various projects faster and with better quality. We will help you make a workforce that can build high-end web/mobile apps and scale your business needs without spending too much on hiring.

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