5 Most Common Myths About Hiring Developers Offshore



Marc Rothmeyer

“The global IT outsourcing market is expected to grow by $98 billion from 2020 to 2024”, stated Fortunly. Did you get surprised by this fact? Then you shouldn’t be because it presents a clean slate of how important hiring developers offshore has become, as offshore development is given due consideration by about 80 percent of Fortune 500 companies to meet the demand for multiple operations.

So, there is no doubt about the fact that the concept of hiring offshore developers has gained momentum in recent times and gone exponential since the Covid-19 has hit the world which encouraged and empowered companies to operate remotely and it remained no bogeyman once it was. 

Thus, many companies have finally come out of the bubble of hiring developers offshore myth and see it as a smart business move that allows them to get expertise on board without the regard for geographical restrictions.


If we go back in time when offshoring took its first flight it was an expense-driven approach with you paying unusually low prices to get fair results or you may be drawn in by the wrong outsourcing partnership that utilizes the professionals available to them to create a mess for you.

But today, the offshore industry has got its real identity by turning a corner and embarking on a new path of progress, transparency, and perfectly tailored development. However, as offshore development gained popularity for its prospective benefits such as quickening the cycle, cost-viability, and much more, it must also battle a slew of hiring developers offshore myths that still exist somewhere or the other. 

These misconceptions create confusion among clients when they think of hiring dedicated resources. If you are sailing in the same boat then let’s get a clear picture out of these misconceptions about hiring developers offshore so that you are in a position to make a decision on hire app developer.

#Myth1: Size of a Company 

The most widely spread and understood myth is reevaluating hiring offshore developers with the size of the company, whereas the fact of the matter has nothing to do with the company’s size because whether you have a small, medium, or large company, you can easily hire augmented reality developers for your ventures and take leverage of it. Even some development companies offer different plans as per the company size and requirements to shake hands with the affordability. 

#Myth2: Technology Standard on stake

Every company has its fixed standard for everything linked whether to branding, products or processes, and much more which they usually fear putting at stake while hiring offshore developers. The most important thing to understand here is that offshore developers need to stay updated with technological advancements and in line with the ongoing trends to maintain their position in the market. So in order to develop, they often fabricate the most recent approach and updated innovation. All you just have to take care of is to go through with analyzing the expertise on the subject, on-hand experience on technology, and skill-set that aligns with your vision.

#Myth3: Handsome Amount is required

Most people are perplexed since they believe they must pay a handsome amount to hire dedicated resources, but in reality, over 59% of the companies opt for hiring offshore in order to save expenses. The major source of concern here is just that you should be cautious of the company’s authenticity, legitimacy, and implementation you are hiring. Thus, attempt to search for a worthy one that is conscious of their obligations and deserves investing upon.

reasons why companies hire offshore developers

#Myth4: No Data Confidentiality

Companies are concerned about losing their classified information and licensed innovation as a result of hiring offshore, whereas outsourcing companies put their blood and sweat to preserve your concerns and recognize the value of information security. For data confidentiality, they create a security arrangement for handling and storing information by preventing unauthorized access and information loss. It is feasible to go for an agreement if you have sensitive information to double-check the protection of your data.

#Myth5: No Support after Development

The companies believe that seeking assistance after the project completion is a difficult task to get done from an offshore team, as they do not know them in person. On the other hand, well-known development companies like Mobcoder often take responsibility for their work and make an effort to deal with the entire process completion. They understand that the project must be monitored and renewed on a regular basis in order to function properly. As a result, they continue to assist their due support even after the development stage, as well as examine and inspect on a regular basis if required.

How is Offshore Development now Safe and Secure for you?

In the past, offshore companies used to have an image of committing blunders by providing mediocre development and services which is seen to be changing and improving with the passage of time, despite that it is still going to be lingered on like other misconceptions about hiring developers.

Regardless of all these most common misconceptions and many others, offshore development is leveling up the graph of success yet slowly and steadily. So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to find the best offshore development partner who will fade away all these grey clouds of misconceptions by being the real perfectionist in the offshore industry.

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