Why is Kotlin considered the Future of Android Application Development?

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Marc Rothmeyer

Java has always been considered the primary language for android app development. Well, it is still the best or not is a bone of contention for the developer community. However, Java has already carved its niche as a robust and official language. But it has some challenges which have been acting as a deterrent for developers. 

With the advent of more robust languages, multiple JVM languages have started gaining traction among developers. Fortunately, the topic of our write-up is Kotlin that is leading the race and has become a favorite choice for android development with Kotlin.

What is Kotlin?

The open-source language is based on Java Virtual Machine (JVM). The statically typed programming language can also be compiled into JavaScript source code.

Why should you consider Kotlin?

Now, Java has become tantamount to an old school language. Anyways, there is no dispute on the fact that it is one of the oldest languages. Its history can be traced back to 22 years and it helped developers to develop some amazing set of applications. Most of the developers today are acquainted with the language. But now, they want something upgraded. Here, Kotlin is the one upgrade we will discuss.

Here are the benefits you can get by choosing Kotlin app development as your primary language:

Lesser Coding

Kotlin has been specifically designed in a way that requires less coding in comparison to Java, that is why developing android apps with Kotlin is preferable. Numerically, it takes 20% less coding time than Java. But how does it do that? It reduces the amount of boilerplate coding, which was quintessential for developers to write. Now, because this burden has been shed, it is paving the way for better execution. 


This reason is one of the significant ones behind the unprecedented popularity of the android app Kotlin. Amazingly, it can co-exist with Java on the same project. It empowers developers to compile the project by using both languages. And no one can identify which section is done using Kotlin and which one using Java. With this feature, Kotlin app development allows you to use its features without switching to a new project or changing the present code of Java. 

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Ease of Learning 

Like Android O, one can easily learn Kotlin for app development. One just has to devote some hours to read the language reference to command the language. Kotlin comes with an intuitive and lean syntax and is designed for an efficient path for Java Developers. 

No Cost Adoption 

If you don’t know, the android app Kotlin is an open-source language, so developers don’t make any payment for using this. One can use this high-end language simply by using the Java-to-Kotlin converter tool to convert your existing Java files. The tool empowers you to convert the complex codes into a much simpler form without negotiating on time. 

It’s safer

Avoiding errors like NullPointExceptions has become easy with Kotlin. Amazingly, the language allows operating on nullable types. The compiler is specially designed to auto-cast mistakes, even if you mark them right. 

A Road to Conclusion

Kotlin for Android development is developed by JetBrains, the same company that has IntelliJ. Thus, android app development with Kotlin comes with the support of a large open-source community and support of Android Studio Support. And with functions like easy usability, implication, a glitch-free ecosystem will help Kotlin to get its due credit in the developers’ community. 

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