On-Demand Fitness Apps to download in 2022: The Ultimate Guide!


Are you searching for the best fitness apps to help you achieve your fitness goals? Look no further than your smartphone.

Well, there’s no shortage of top fitness apps out there to help you achieve your goals, but finding the right one that meets your needs can be difficult.

You work hard. You sweat!

So, when it comes to staying in shape, you deserve the best fitness app out there to help you reach your goals. The fitness tracker app can be used to track workouts and streamline meal preparation, but with so many options, finding the one that’s perfect for your needs can be a challenge.

When you’re trying to find the most effective ways to sweat and stay motivated, it’s impossible to sift through all of the available options; let alone the reviews, user stories, and pricing details. Study after study has shown that there are big benefits to be gained by regular exercise and the use of free fitness apps.

That’s why we’ve pinpointed 10 of the best workout apps free and put them under the microscope in this guide.

Top 5 Fitness Apps of 2022:

Below is a list of the five best fitness apps that you could benefit from in your journey to better fitness:

#1. OneFitplus

best fitness apps

Most workouts become repetitive and boring after a while. Besides, after a few days of exercising, you may feel like your efforts have been in vain. We totally understand that abandoning your resolution can be thoroughly demoralizing. But we have an answer – Onefitplus!

OneFitPlus is one of the best fitness apps that has everything you need for a complete workout experience – cardio equipment, food, exercise, medical guidance, smart technology, and a motivating push for you to attain your fitness goals.

What’s so special about Onefitplus?

With this fitness pro app, home fitness has never been more enjoyable, motivating, and effective. You will be able to train whenever you want to, get inspired by one of our live seminars or our expert training tips, and enjoy online coaching for as little as seven dollars a month. After only a few months of training with OneFitPlus fitness products, you’ll feel like a jogger.

This all-in-one workout system is here to help you lead a more active lifestyle. With their new workout plan app, you can take advantage of Live sessions, a top-notch gaming experience, and HealthCoins allowing us to create custom workout regimens for each person and make modifications as needed until we reach your fitness goals. Make your fitness journey more enjoyable and motivating!

The largest fitness platform in India – Cult.fit acquires Onefitplus, RPM Fitness, Fitkit, Onefitplus, and Urban Terrain:

Having started with fitness centers/ studios as their core business, in the recent past Cult.fit has been expanding our horizon to other new formats that are on-demand by acquiring the best fitness apps. The acquisition enhances our product portfolio “, said Shamik Sharma, Head of Digital Health, Cult.fit

This is part of Cult.fit’s strategy to provide its customers with a wide range of fitness equipment at home as well as to strengthen its portfolio of fitness hardware brands. It has now a range of options at all price points, starting from simple air bikes for ₹5,000-7,000 to premium Cult bikes for ₹50,000.

Download on Android & iOS

#2. Apple Fitness Plus

Apple Fitness Plus

Best fitness apps and subscription-based apps offering pre-recorded workout videos can be hit and miss, but for iPhone and Apple Watch users who like their tech to stay in the Apple ecosystem, Apple Fitness Plus is a strong option.

With a range of workout styles from yoga to cycling to HIIT, the app has plenty to keep you active and healthy whether you want high-intensity or low-impact exercise.

With multiple devices connected to the Internet, developers are coming up with new concepts to diversify the scope of their businesses. Wearables may be the future of healthcare and medical diagnostics. Read more on wearable technology trends of 2022 and how they can be used with remote medical imaging.

What’s so special about Apple Fitness Plus?

When you first open the Apple Fitness+ app, you’ll see all available classes displayed on your screen. Here, you can scroll through classes by the studio or select one of the Featured Classes. You can also choose to filter the classes that appear on your home screen by Trainer, type of class, difficulty level, and a range of lengths.

This app allows you the following:

  • Exercise in real-time with studio-style workout
  • Features world-class trainers using Apple Watch
  • Showcase personalized recommendations, workout types, etc
  • Unlocks new content that’s delivered every week to keep you engaged.

Download on iOS

#3. Peloton


Available on iOS and Android, the Peloton app is one of the free exercise apps that features a variety of exercise classes including cycling, running, strength training, yoga, meditation, and more. Peloton instructors will motivate you through your workouts easily on your phone or tablet, or cast your class to any TV.

Peloton is one of the best fitness apps that helps to get an intense workout from the comfort of your own home. With this extended 90-day free trial, you’ll be able to try out all of Peloton’s amazing features without having to pay a dime.

What’s so special about Peloton?

Whether it’s a 10-minute abs workout or a longer session to target another area of the body (there are yoga classes as long as 90-minutes), the Peloton app offers something for everyone—no classes with thousands of people necessary. With daily live classes and access to 30-day fitness challenges hosted by top Peloton instructors, you can’t beat that price anywhere else.

With indoor and outdoor workouts, the app offers a diverse library of classes that range from HIIT and strength training to cycling, yoga, running, and more. Classes are led by Peloton’s top instructors and cover any length or level you desire. Thus, it tops the list of best fitness apps for the most challenging workout possible.

Download Peloton now: Android, iOS

#4. Sweat


Sweat is the brainchild of Australian personal trainer Kayla Itsines. What started as a series of downloadable “Bikini Body Guides” in 2015 has now grown into an extensive fitness app with several different programs and recipes to help you reach your goals.

With programs for every woman – from new mums looking to lose their post-baby baby weight, to girls looking to gain more confidence in the gym, Sweat is one of the best fitness apps that supports you every step of the way.

What’s so special about Sweat?

The app offers female-only personal training and delivers meal plans, 1,000+ workouts, and a social media community. All the programs are developed by women and for women, so you can be assured that this app has a lot of knowledge behind its success.

There is an option to upgrade to become a Sweat Elite Member. This includes getting access to Kayla’s popular 12-Week Program: BBG Stronger, Kayla’s free Pocket Nutrition Guide, an Elimination Meal Plan, and an Inventory of Healthy Recipes.

Download Sweat: Android, iOS

#5. Fiit


Fiit is a one-stop-shop for your home training needs. It is one of the best men’s fitness apps that ranks first on the UK App Store and is available in the US via Comcast’s Xfinity X1 and Xfinity Flex.

Members who want to enable fitness tracker access within the Fiit app on Xfinity X1 and Xfinity Flex for the first time will have live stats displayed on the TV screen while working out beside real-time guidance from the trainer in fitness classes like Fat Burn, Endurance, and Strength workouts.

What’s so special about Fiit?

The Fiit app gives you access to a range of workouts and fitness programs, specially designed by its team of industry professionals. You can work at your own pace or track your stats if you’re using one of the fitness trackers it’s compatible with. Xfinity members who choose to enable access will have their live stats displayed on the TV screen as they work out.

You get the choice of over 500 workouts across cardio, strength, and stretch for all fitness levels. All the equipment you need to work out is supplied by Fiit. Thus, it tops the list of best fitness apps for the best workout possible.

Download Fiit now: Android, iOS

It may also amaze you to know how IoT enables devices for monitoring medical conditions in the healthcare sector apart from the fitness industry. Study here in detail

Final Words:

There are plenty of free fitness apps out there, each one with its unique spin. The trick is finding the apt fitness app that’s right for you. While some apps cater to the needs of competitive athletes, others focus on the spiritual aspects of fitness. If you’re having a hard time choosing, consider what you want out of your fitness app—you may be surprised by how many different options are available.

There are a lot of best fitness apps available, but, if you ask us, Oneplusfit is the best one of them all. It has been developed by experts who all want to help you reach your fitness goals. The best part about Oneplusfit? With this app, you can keep getting better at it.

Be sure to check out the reviews above before settling on one app.

Happy exercising!

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