10 Best Healthcare Apps for Patients

In the past few years, the usage of mobile apps in the healthcare and MedTech sector has skyrocketed with over 3,18,000 mobile healthcare apps for patients and around 200 apps developed every day. This number is mind-boggling and it is right to assume that it has even increased substantially post COVID19 pandemic.;

Each day it seems like any new medical app promises to manage physical & mental health efficiently. Do these applications live up to their promises? This blog shall answer all your questions about how healthcare workers navigate and prescribe medical apps to patients.

As we know, the digital healthcare ecosystem is rangy as it leverages the ability of the latest mobile app trends like emerging IoT technologies, Artificial intelligence, and machine learning, and many more on a global scale. Do you schedule regular reminders on your mobiles to take medicines? Do you like to track your physical activity to improve overall health? Do you want to video chat with the doctor addressing the medical issue?;

There is always an app for that!

We have reviewed our best picks for your health which are worth your time, device, and physical concerns that make your health easier in 2021. Let’s have a background check on health apps, detailed insights on the features of an app, and then share the best 10 healthcare apps for patients.;

What are healthcare apps?

Healthcare has two main categories – health and wellness. Although they are pretty similar yet completely different. A health app is used to diagnose, track and treat the health disease. Whereas, a wellness app is mobile software that enhances the overall health of the patient. Such medical apps can address mental, physical, social, spiritual, or even environmental elements related to overall health.

What do patients seek in healthcare apps?

To grow in the industry, the providers must identify the pain points and pivot to make the user journey unbreakable and extra smooth when it comes to their health. At Mobcoder, we have expert healthcare developers who are passionate about building a medical app to serve patients and resolve their healthcare inefficiencies in lesser time possible.; We‘ve found the best features to look for in any health care app:

1. Easy to use

Generally, apps that are time taking and complicated to use tend to lose out on users within seconds. Whether it is the sign-in process or any other basic feature like doctor’s appointment, booking, rescheduling, etc, the app must be easily accessible to the app users. The healthcare and wellness apps must feel the same for both Android and Apple users.;

If you are looking for medical applications for android, fill out to get in touch with our experts and get a free consultation & estimates to turn your dream app into reality for your patients.;

2. Accessible with clear information

The healthcare app must ensure clear and actionable steps for all users with interactive tools to keep them engaged. The users must feel that they are taken care of individually and have all the available opportunities to put through their medical;

3. Easy communication with experts

As per AJMC, reports show that around 75% of doctors, ER, and emergency visits can be managed via mobiles or video chats. Apps, if developed correctly can save patient’s and doctor’s incredible amounts of time. Smart Health services must provide reliable solutions for a better experience when compared to traditional in-person doctor-patient meetings.;

features of healthcare apps

10 Best Healthcare Apps for Patients are as follows:

1. Generis: DNA & Nutrition

Generis is one of the top healthcare apps that helps in improving people’s lives by understanding their genes. This is an innovative app with easy to use interface and designed beautifully which is why patients love it. Generis ensures;

  • DNA-based advice
  • Fitness recommendations
  • Food & nutrition
  • Supplements

And many more…

This healthcare app understands the users through their genes while providing safe and actionable steps to bring the best version of themselves. Generis can retrieve DNA data from 23 and ME and Ancestry.com. Their app users will still receive recommendations based on the goals and lifestyle of that particular user.;

Wondering, why DNA matters?

As per Generis, few bodies burn different sources of energy more efficiently in comparison with others. To avoid the trial and error method, the app made the formula to bring out the best-personalized recommendations for users. Click here to download from here.;

2. Teladoc; – 24/7 access to a doctor

Teladoc connects patients to a certified doctor 24/7 through the means of phone or video visits. It is one of the most convenient healthcare apps that ensures a quick communication process between patient and practitioner. It connects the doctors with the pharmacy of choice and integrates Apple Health Kit to improve user experience enabling the providers to form diagnoses through patient’s latest medical information.

Teladoc has more than 2,27,000 ratings and 4.8 stars. Undoubtedly, patients love the ease of use and the overall convenience offered by this app. In case, you’re looking for free medical apps for your Apple devices, ask your doctor if you should download this medical app for iPhone. Click here to download Teladoc App today.;

3. Better Help – Online Counseling

This is one of the most used healthcare apps that is a trendsetter in counseling. Better Help allows patients to get faster and easier access to medical experts, licensed therapists, and counselors for professional assistance online. With around 14,000 reviews, patients love the personalized approach of this app and private care through video chat, messages, etc.;

The reviews are submitted by the patients who are happy customers and satisfied with their online therapy sessions than the conventional in-person sessions. It is a life-changing experience ensuring a safe online counseling space for all. Better Help is one of the best medical apps for patients with 3000+ experienced trainers and counselors who are specialized in various areas like depression & anxiety issues, family & couple therapy, etc. Moreover, they also offer group webinar offerings and support for patients and the related community.;

4. M-Dacne – Custom Acne Treatment

Gone are the days when patients used to be in the queue for months for doctor’s appointments. M-Dacne is considered as the future of acne treatments where it provides immediate access to the preferred dermatologists. It is one of the top healthcare apps that we reviewed and found that it is pretty easy to use with an amazing interface ensuring a great user journey.;

What does the app do?

  • This app incredibly provides the treatment within 5 minutes based on skin type.;
  • With advanced technology and tools, M-Dacne studies the skin type, sets reminders, starts chats with dermatologists, and gives recommendations accordingly that works.;
  • Also, the app shares natural remedies to help users heal redness, scarring, and other acne issues without the use of chemicals.

How does it work?;

  • Patients give answers to skin-related issues.;
  • Patients take a photo of their skin
  • The app quickly assesses the skin in minutes
  • Provides treatment recommendations just for the user

Click here to download M-Dacne App today.

3. Leafly

This is one of the top healthcare apps with over 200k positive ratings. With the increase in Marijuana for healing several health conditions- Leafly gained popularity as a one-stop solution for cannabis information. This healthcare app connects patients with specialists, clinics, and dispensaries in one click.

Leafly aims to bring light upon the former controversial plant. Their community educates and informs the users about multiple strains to ensure actionable steps that are all-time safe for end-users

Click here to download Leafly App today.

6. MySugr – Diabetes Tracker Log

MySugr is one of the trending healthcare apps that aim to reduce and manage diabetes. It allows patients to quickly sync the blood glucose device and help track the carb/sugar levels. The app claims that it has ranked the Top Diabetes App by Healthline thrice and got featured in Forbes, TechCrunch, etc. This app adds to the daily routine as a free diabetes logbook where the end-user can;

  • Personalize dashboard
  • Calculate insulin (With MySugr PRO)
  • See clear blood sugar level
  • Allows users to share reports with doctors
  • Secure data backup safely

Users say that this app has fully transformed their lives in a way that they have better control over daily logging with safe data backup. Doctors are also permitted to review the reports for quick recovery diabetics. Such an easy-to-use app gives them the motivation to cope with Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes which has benefited many.;

Click here to download MySugr App today.

7. EyeCare Live

EyeCare Live is one of the top healthcare apps that allow patients to see the eye doctor anytime and anywhere through the convenience of smartphones. The users can keep their eyes healthy and be able to track progressive eye diseases with the help of this app. It works the best for patients who are facing dry eyes, red eyes, allergic eyes, or questions about contact lenses.;

The medical app connects you to your own eye doctor who is well versed with your medical history and not any unknown doctors.;

How does it work?

  • The patient records the condition of the eyes by taking a picture or a video
  • The doctor assesses the issue through high definition video and resolves the problem

The visit on EyeCare Live is mostly free where the doctors accept your medical insurance plan as well or cash payment. You need to check the doctor’s page for details.;

Click here to download EyeCare Live App today.

8. Heal – Physician house calls are back

Back in 1930, physician house calls were quite common. Due to the covid pandemic, Heal allows patients to avoid exposure to contagious viruses and tops the list of best medical apps of 2021. It has more than 3k ratings where doctors get a holistic view of a patient’s health by observing the lifestyle pattern. This is one of the most recommended healthcare apps for doctors to provide better supervision and give recommendations to the best.;

Heal is available in the following states –;

New Jersey, California, Maryland, Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, North Carolina, New York, Virginia, DC, etc

9. Talkspace;

Talkspace is a group health mobile app for people who are struggling with anxiety or depression, eating disorders, PTSD, or find it tough to deal with life challenges. This online therapy platform helps individuals who lack enough time for in-person counseling. Talkspace has over 2000 licensed therapists and psychiatrists offering private sessions for individuals or couples with an array of life challenges.;

Users get to interact with the therapists through texts, videos, and audio messages daily. The app also has a ‘Live session feature’ in premium packages so that clients can connect with therapists anytime and anywhere. Depending on the patient’s mental condition, the app also talks about which psychiatrist can prescribe the medication if required.;

If you are an android user and looking for treatments for mental health issues, Talkspace aces the list of med apps for android with accredited therapists in the US.;

Click here to download the Talkspace App today.

10. Practo – Goodbye Doubts

Practo is one of the popular healthcare apps with around 30,000+ doctors and 25+ specialties in 22 different Indian cities. The app is used for appointments, Hospital/Clinic searches, Blood tests, and more.;

Features of Practo App are

  • Instant video consultation with over 25+ specialists
  • Hassle-free online doctor appointments online
  • Order medicines including home delivery
  • Book labs for tests and free home sample collection
  • Family membership plans for unlimited consultations
  • Real-time articles and tips are written by experts

If you are app savvy and regularly booking appointments with doctors, you must know Practo App that has listed practitioners like dentists, gynecologists, general physicians, Ayurveda, etc in the local areas. It is a well-designed app that can be used for booking, scheduling or canceling appointments.;


So, here is the list of apps that may help you take healthy actions before any problem escalates. However, users need to understand that apps are not a substitute for medical treatment and don’t replace in-person annual checkups. Patients must report to doctors regularly when necessary. Since the above apps widely accept medical facts/data to assist you with your health and better documentation so that when you visit your physician next you know more about the symptoms or habits related to the concern.

Also, if you own a healthcare business and looking for an on-demand healthcare app, Mobcoder has expert developers who can build an app that helps users effectively manage medical conditions, fitness goals, clinic visits, lab tests & results, telemedicine & prescription, doctors appointment, specialists in the local area, etc. it’s important to track the progress of an app and assist in clinical trials.;

The digital willingness and expertise make Mobcoder the frontline partner of the Healthcare Domain. No matter where you are if you choose Mobcoder then an expert team will help you with your requirements.

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