Top Business Apps for Android: A 2022 Guide!



Benjamin Fisher

Business apps can be tough. There is a lot of stuff that you have to consider. That includes team size, business size, how well the app scales to demand, AND a whole bunch of other things. There are so many variables to take into account that it’s almost impossible to trump them all by yourself. 

In this blog, we are going to highlight the best android apps for android that can make working together simpler, more streamlined, and more efficient.


Apps are no longer limited to social networking and games. Business apps for startups, established businesses, freelancers, and side hustlers are significantly organized, productive, and connected. 

The best business apps for android do something different that can make you thousands of dollars through improved productivity. For that, we have tested some of the most popular apps for business in the market, as well as some of our old favorites.

Check out the top 13 business apps for Android:



If you’re looking for an economical, user-friendly accounting solution and haven’t tried QuickBooks yet, we strongly advise you to do so. Users with the entry-level SaaS subscription ($10 per month) gain full access to the mobile QuickBooks app, and the business provides a free 30-day trial. 

You can use the app to access client information, issue invoices, store receipt photographs, handle late bills, make email estimates, and track spending, among other things.

Download Quickbooks on Google Play!



Gusto is another excellent Intuit software for small businesses, providing an all-in-one location to manage payroll, benefits, and human resources. Gusto, an amazing android app development was done exclusively for small companies, unlike other payroll systems, and the vibrant visual interface is simple to use even if you have no prior expertise with payroll software. 

The Gusto Core (entry-level) plan starts at $39 per month (plus $6 per additional user) and includes the mobile app.

Download Gusto on Google Play!



TSheets is, of course, an Intuit product, but that isn’t why we placed it on our list. TSheets is an application for business that makes mobile access a snap. You may finally say goodbye to paper timesheets and manual time entering with this SaaS and app combination.

 If your company employs a large number of remote or field employees, you’ll like the GPS position tracking feature, which allows you to see employee position data, as well as the time clock feature, which utilizes face recognition to verify identification. 

TSheets also allows you to easily create and distribute personnel schedules, as well as interface with other Intuit products.

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Square allows even the tiniest companies to take credit cards. You may sign up to get a credit card reader dongle in the mail once you’ve downloaded the free software. 

You can put the dongle immediately into your Android device whenever it comes, and you’ve got yourself a portable POS system. While there are other comparable applications, we choose this application for business because it’s simple to use and the flat-rate price (which applies regardless of card type or whether the card is used for credit or debit) is excellent for small businesses.

Download Square on Google Play!



Skype, one of the first big communication applications, is still our favorite business apps for android for video conference calls and general chatting. You can use the front-facing camera on your phone or tablet to stay connected with your team no matter where you (or they) are with the Android software, which lets you use Skype on the move. 

One of Skype’s biggest features is the Skype Credit service, which allows users to call non-Skype users and even international lines at a low rate.

Download Skype on Google Play!



Slack is one of the team-oriented business apps for android that is free (with optional premium levels). Create channels for various themes or members, send direct messages, hold video calls without leaving the app, search previous chats, and drag and drop pictures, videos, and PDFs. 

Slack’s popularity among SMBs stems from its ability to interact with over 1,500 different apps, including Salesforce, Dropbox, Google Drive, Concur, Asana, and Trello.

Download Slack on Google Play!

Zoho One

Zoho One

Zoho provides a number of outstanding business applications, and Zoho One gives business users access to all 40 of them for a single monthly fee of $30 per user. 

While this price for an app bundle may seem exorbitant, Zoho’s products are packed with features and are just as easy to use on a laptop or desktop as they are on a mobile device. 

While it’s hard to list all of Zoho One’s features, the CRM, reporting, sales mail client, social media management, help desk ticketing, web conferencing, project management, presentation tools, inventory management, payroll, and more are among the most useful.

Download Zoho One on Google Play!

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Trello is a must-have tool for entrepreneurs, side hustlers, and professionals who want to stay organized at work and at home. It’s free (with optional premium levels). You may establish processes and invite other users to participate in projects using the lightweight project management tools. 

Users may also assign tasks to themselves (and others), provide comments on active projects, add images and videos, and connect pertinent files from Google Drive or Dropbox. A to-do list, boards to arrange numerous tasks side by side, and the option to work offline are all included.

Download Trello on Google Play!



Evernote, another organizational powerhouse, is one of the most widely used free, business-friendly applications available. 

Evernote is one of the popular business apps for android for managing both your personal and professional lives since it allows you to create separate notebooks, copy online pages, input media (including video), search previous notes using keywords, share notebooks for collaboration, and lockdown private notes, make to-do lists and light project management, scan documents with your camera, create and find handwritten notes, and sync information across all of your devices. 

Evernote is steadily expanding its team collaboration and third-party integration capabilities, and the subscription services are well worth investigating.

Download Evernote on Google Play!



This is one of the best business apps for android which is free & easy to use compared to the others on our list, but it’s a must-have for small business owners, freelancers, and contractors. CamScanner allows you to scan documents with your Android device’s camera. 

The papers may then be saved as PDFs and emailed, or they may be downloaded immediately from the app. The design takes some getting accustomed to, but CamScanner is a great free scanning app.

Powerful add-ons established SaaS (software as a service) solutions, and one-off applications that are free and simple to use are among the apps available. 

Download CamScanner on Google Play!



If you’re looking for the most demanded business apps to get your business up and running online, PayPal is a great choice. As a payment gateway and merchant account all in one, PayPal is one of the best android apps that makes it easy to accept credit card payments on your website (or through mobile) without having to worry about security or PCI compliance.

A payment gateway typically includes components that facilitate the capture of necessary financial information, either through the web interface or by traditional credit card terminals. 

With its simple and intuitive system, you can avoid unnecessary fees of establishing your own merchant account by accepting credit card and debit card sales with a minimal fee. The biggest benefit is that it’s easy to set up your own store or shopping cart through PayPal, enabling you to accept payments within minutes.

Download PayPal on Google Play!

Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365

As a small business owner, you rely on your tech to stay productive, so it’s important to have an office software solution that just works. Microsoft 365 is one of the best apps for small businesses that need a robust and reliable system with minimal fuss.

The Microsoft 365 suite includes the most popular business apps, including Excel, Powerpoint, and Word. Each of these apps is user-friendly and very robust. This product is perfect for those in need of an office software suite.

With such a business application, it’s easy for everyone to work together, no matter where they are. This is because you get the entire familiar Office applications suite, from Word and PowerPoint to Outlook, Access, Publisher, and Teams. 

Furthermore, such small business apps can be used across PCs, smartphones, and tablets making it easy for your users to stay connected and collaborate from anywhere.

Download Microsoft 365 on Google Play!



FreshBooks is a popular cloud-based accounting service designed specifically for small business owners and ranks top of our list of best accounting software for small businesses. It is one of the best business apps for android which is accessible from multiple devices and adds new updates regularly, which can be accessed via the cloud. 

Equipped with time-saving tools like sending an invoice in seconds and accepting online credit card payments, such business apps keep you focused on doing great work for your clients. 

FreshBooks is one of the ideal business apps for freelancers and small business owners. It makes invoicing simple, so you can spend less time billing clients and more time working on your business. And it’s free to try.

Download Freshbooks on Google Play!


The above are the best apps for android that are worth a look at regardless of the size or demands of your company. With so many high-quality business apps available in the Google Play Store, there’s no reason that Android users should be left out in the cold when it comes to managing their businesses from their phones. 

Whether you’re an entrepreneur looking for new ways to streamline your company or a small business owner trying to cut back on expenses, these business apps will be useful to you. Want to get business apps developed like these? Mobcoder, an android app development company is the one-stop solution for all your development needs.

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