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Pradeep Kunwar

Cars are not just a means of convenience or necessity for many but also one of pride and joy. People put in a lot of hard work, money, and sacrifice to be able to buy the car of their dreams. But owning a vehicle entails a lot of responsibilities, starting with always remembering to give it timely maintenance and servicing each time they’re due. This generally involves the expertise of a specially trained professional in a particular field, as it’s impossible to be accomplished by a neophyte. Ergo, seeking assistance from a certified and licensed vehicle maintenance centre is a must.

Cars have been at the heart of automotive culture for more than a century.


To possess a car or to be a car fan are two different leagues. And for the ones who adore their car, Carbuddy is the best place for them to be in. The forum entrusts them to exhibit their customised car among a big car-loving society for better appreciation. Amazingly, you can get some amazing prizes from multiple contests running here.

Create your profile, post photos, add multiple cars, add people from the community, make recommendations, contribute via your experiences, and make the custom car community, even more, stronger. You will get the customised social platform here to post your car stories to the community members for 24 hours. May your upvoted profile help you win some amazing prizes.


Why can’t you miss being on Carbuddy?

For custom car lovers: A crafted & customized car takes a lot of experience, time, and funds. And if we invest all of these, it has to be showcased among the community who loves to talk about custom cars. You can do that with Carbuddy. Make your profile, post photos, participate in multiple contests, and win amazing prizes.

Aspiring custom car lovers: Are you looking for answers for your car? Join the forum and ask your questions from the community members. You will get every option to make your question more clear like—Builds/Performance (in which you can select your model & type), Maintenance/Troubleshooting (in which you can specify your type of query).

customized car

Every effort must be complemented with rewards. With Carbuddy you can make this happen. Join multiple contests and if your car gets upvoted the most, you will receive the rewards in your account. Plus, if you like someone’s car in the community, you can vote for them as per community guidelines.

A user can either go for a paid or a free account to be on Carbuddy and to participate in a contest as well. However, the paid account has some extra perks. Functionality is also intact with the app to explain all the activities one is doing from the account.

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