It’s Official: Instagram launches TikTok style feature ‘Remix’ on Reels

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Marc Rothmeyer

Instagram is known for its high user engagement and amazing content. But how this platform manages to engage millions of users worldwide. Because it tends to introduce new features so that users always get some new experience when it engages with the platform.

In the same quest, Instagram launches a new feature called Remix. It offers a way to record your Reels video alongside a video from another user. If we compare the usability of the feature, it is similar to Tiktok’s existing Duets feature, which also lets users interact with another person’s video while making their own.

It has been launched a day before for public testing, so some of the Instagram users already have their hands on it. Its biggest rival, Snapchat is also having this feature under the name “Remix’’ for Tiktok duets rivals that’s currently in development. 

On the TikTk platform, Duets are a significant feature to make the app like a social media network and make it more than a video watching platform. Users can use duets to dance, sing, dance, joke, or act in another user’s video. 

They can do things like cook someone else’s recipe, reaction video, or just watch a video to like or comment then. TikTok competitors, like Instagram Reels, Snapchat’s Spotlight, or Youtube Shorts have already in the market with their short-form video experiences without editing features. 

Remix on Reels will change this trend and empower users to engage and collaborate with their fellow creatives. If a user wants to use this “Remix feature”, one will first tap on the three-dot menu on a Reel and select the option. By tapping on the dots, the screen will split into the original Reel and a new one, where one can make a new recording with the original. 

Once the reel is finished, one can edit other aspects like the volume of audio and can add a voiceover as well. The Reel is ready after all the tweaks. This feature is only available on new uploaded Reels, so one has to reupload older Reels or one will have to go back to the old Reel and enable Remix.

The Remixes will appear with the other recorded Reels on the Reels tab on the Instagram profile. One can track the user who has remixed your content through Instagram’s Activity tab.

The feature has already rolled out yesterday, and it will be enabled default on all new Reels. 

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