Instant Apps—Shaping New Era of App Development with Marketing Opportunities

With the unprecedented rise in mobile app usage, businesses around the world are striving hard to seize this channel to increase their brand awareness. To take this concept to a whole new level, Google made an announcement at the developer’s keynote at Google I/O 2016 about the launch of Instant Apps. As expected it didn’t take too long to get the attention of the web & mobile app development world. 

The concept behind Instant apps

Get a native app experience without the installation. These apps are basically Android apps that don’t need to be downloaded from the Play Store or installed on the storage of your mobile device. They can deliver native functionality with just a click. Talking about their availability, they are available in the form of sharable links or URLs. 

A list of some Apps runs on the Instant Apps concept: Skyscanner, NYtimes Crossword Puzzle, Buzzfeed, Onefootball, Red Bull TV, Vimeo, and others.

Turnaround for enterprises and app developers

Now, the enterprises and developers of mobile app development have got what they wanted. Now they can showcase their app to the end-users without killing their device space and time to search and download the app. Without interfering with the user experience, now developers can divide their apps into fractions so that the mobile app can start within seconds. 

Let’s put all the ways in a detailed manner in which the Android Instant will benefit, or is benefitting, enterprises, developers, and users altogether:

Creates a scope of creativity 

Instant apps empower both enterprises and developers to be more creative when they create their first user impression and interaction in the app development. When each of these is trying hard to deliver an out-of-the-box experience for ease of access. Instant apps are promising the same and create an impression to make users download apps.  

It has been noticed that often users hesitate to download an application from the play store that comes from some new house. With the dawn of Android Instant Apps, we can expect the beginning of better prospects for these new enterprises and developers.

Better Reach

The induction of Instant apps is swiftly bridging the gap between the mobile app and the mobile web. Precisely saying that no one can predict the future of mobility right now. Whether it is in apps or on the web. No matter if the ball falls in either of the courts, enterprises, and developers will avail a better reach than today. They will no longer have to fight with each other to get good rankings on the app store because they have numerous other ways to market their app then. 

They no longer have to struggle with their app store ranking and can also market the application in numerous other ways.

Better user experience

Download-install-open-register. This is the process a user has to follow on the play store to get the app. Imagine, that using the functions of the app is not included in this process. Plus slow loading time is another level hindrance. In totality, this long process and some obstruction lead to poor user engagement and ruin the whole experience.

The instant app is the ultimate key to this poor user experience. Through this, users can skip the whole hectic process and try real features instantly. This extra time allows users to browse all the features and decide if this app deserves a space on their device or not. Ultimately, this swift process entices the users, improves engagement, and creates more chances for the app to be downloaded.

Increase User Retention 

As per the figures presented by Techcrunch, nearly 4 in 1 users deleted the apps from their devices to free up the extra storage. The fact of the matter here is the apps once uninstalled are unlikely to be installed again. It means converting the visitors into the users and retaining them after use are both different aspects. 

Here Instant apps come to the rescue for the developers and enterprises. With instant apps, users can experience app features without downloading. A user can sneak into core features, and interfaces, make an opinion and then download it. It means the user is satisfied with every aspect of the app and finds it significant and valuable for the device and will stick to it for the long run. 

Therefore, the probability of user retention is higher.

Creates support for most OS versions 

Devices with different OS fragmentation have always been creating issues for Android development. It is an issue faced by developers to build an app that supports and runs equally well on all devices. Most of the time, app development companies and developers compromise due to cost and time issues in maintaining multiple versions of the apps compatible with different devices and OS.  

Here comes the exception of Instant apps. They can be accessed by the users in the devices using old versions like Jelly Bean, and 4.1 Android OS. It means if someone has Google Play Services installed, they can access the app running in the high version of the app. 

Concluding Note 

Undoubtedly, the Instant Apps is a phenomenal innovation by Google and it has immense attributes for the enterprises, developers, and users. Sooner or later, instant apps will become a new norm where two forms of apps will be developed. The First will be a full version with all the features, and the second will be a scaled-down version. 

Increase conversion rates, retention rate, and delivery revenue with the flawless are some prime attributes of Instant apps. So if any app development company or developer wants to harness these attributes, then the Instant apps are an optimal path that they need to follow. 

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