Mobcoder Bags Innovative App Developer Award by ComHQ

What pulls you out of bed every morning?

Everyone else: Responsibilities, duties, work…

Everyone at Mobcoder: The urge to create something innovative.

But we don’t consciously tell our team to ‘create innovative solutions.

Our design briefs don’t use the word ‘innovative’ either.

Our project managers don’t mention ‘innovation’ as the key requirement of a project.

And that’s because it comes naturally to us.

We love playing with new technologies. The regular mobile app development technologies have our heart for sure. But AI, ML, AR, and IoT are among our newest favorite toys.

We are a team of designers and developers, all fueled by innovation. And that’s why we’ve often been called ‘risk lovers’ and ‘way too ahead of the time’.

We’ve also heard we are nicknamed ‘innovation junkies’.

Does this break our spirits?

Absolutely not.

Well, to be honest, the ability to innovate and create something unheard of does give us a high, though.

The sense of satisfaction on the faces of the owners of the 100+ startups that we’ve worked with, makes us forget all the name-calling. Every time we help a business owner realize their dream, it renews our vigor to innovate and move ahead. We work hard for the smiles that we see after project completion.

But ComHQ isn’t the one to just praise you with a smile.

Instead, they facilitated us with their “Innovative App Developer Award for 2020”. And we are humbled by the appreciation we’ve received. After all, it is not every day that you get facilitated by the most revered directory of B2B tech providers.

The official statement from ComHQ read:

“The pursuit of innovation ends in success. The raging pandemic had forced us all into our homes, but out of our comfort zones. Innovation, today, has become a driver of businesses in 2021 and beyond. What worked yesterday is most definitely obsolete today. And we acknowledge and appreciate the teams that have not just adapted but innovated. One such team that has stunned everyone in the industry with its innovative solutions is Mobcoder. We are happy to pronounce Mobcoder as the Most Innovative App Developers, 2021.

The announcement of the win, which came to us in an email, reinstated our belief in constant innovation. And of course, it was followed by a (virtual) party celebrating the win.

Celebrating The Win With A Vow To Become Even Better

We’ve had several wins and honorable mentions before. But this win is a lot closer to our hearts. ComHQ has not just noticed but also appreciated our spirit of innovation. And it has further bolstered our resolve to keep innovating.

Our CEO, Ashutosh Singh was especially ecstatic about ComHQ appreciating our innovative spirit.

Among the gold nuggets of advice that Ashutosh keeps sharing with the team every now and then, one is “Following trends is the norm. Doing something differently is considered the fool’s way. But we have to be disrupters of the norm. At Mobcoder, you don’t have to follow trends. You shouldn’t, in fact. You should be building new trends.

And ComHQ’s appreciation has proved that we are moving in the right direction.

And this is not the end. We’ll always keep doing what we do. A, think out of the box. B, create with not just tools but our hearts. And C, deliver not just apps but solutions to life’s big and small problems.

Innovation: Our Life Blood Since Day One

Back in 2014, when the tech scene was not even half as developed as it is today, Mobcoder began with 5 people. Today, we are 150+ experts working together on multiple small and big projects. Projects that help realize dreams across borders.

And a lot has changed since Mobcoders was born. We’ve served 100+ clients. Helped startups raise more than 300 million as their tech partners. And built revolutionary applications like Lendo, Bolster, Coinstar, VideoBomb, and more.

But one thing remained constant. The way we work.

Every time we kickstart a new project with a new company we ask ourselves one question: How do we do it better?

And we keep asking that question at every stage of the process so that the end result is nothing short of perfect. The process has always worked for us. It has helped us innovate, experiment, and achieve great heights.

And through all this, we never needed awards and medals to prove our worth. We’ve always let our work do the talking. Even the homepage of our website has no verbose claims. Just the list of our latest completed projects. But now that we have ComHQ’s Innovative App Developer award, we don’t want to let go of the opportunity to flaunt it.

Acknowledging Those Who Are A Part Of Our Success

We would like to use this proud moment to thank everyone who has been a part of our journey and supported us all along.

The first thank you goes to our tireless team of experts. The ComHQ award is a pat on the back for each one of us. The long hours of brainstorming and saying yes to every ‘just one last modification’ have finally paid off.

Next, we’d like to express our deepest gratitude towards our clients.

It takes immense willpower and guts to trust someone else to be the wind beneath your wings. And our clients have always believed in us to deliver. It has been our extreme pleasure to have worked with minds as innovative as ours. It wouldn’t have been possible without you believing in us.

Also, a special shoutout to all those who ever told us we wouldn’t be able to do it. The fire to prove all of them wrong lightened the path for us. And today we have proof that we didn’t just do it, but we did great.


We have always been our biggest competitors. And now that we have the ComHQ Innovative App Developer title, our next goal is to beat ourselves at innovation.

We’ll work towards doing better tomorrow than we did today. And we will keep innovating, all day, every day.

Their latest project NapDetect is the love child of AI and forward-looking ideas. The app has been a security enhancer for motorists. And it has proved valuable in preventing accidents caused by drowsy drivers. ComHQ recognizes Modcoder as the top innovator for the year in the app development category. We appreciate them for their phenomenal work on NapDetect. And we wish them the best in their innovative journey ahead.”

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