Why startups should invest in app development



Chris Chorney

Mobile Applications have started taking over the areas like telecommunications, social media, shopping, business, education, commerce, etc. So investing in Mobile App development for your startups is indeed a great area for growth.

Why Should Startups Invest in App Development

1. Reach a Global Audience

If we look at the digital age, almost everyone has access to the internet today and major traffic comes from mobile devices because they are much handy and easy to carry. application design and development process allows businesses to reach the audience globally and connect them to a single platform.

2. Accessibility

Like having a mobile phone is a need similarly having a website for your business is also a need. A website is a place that gives information about your products or services to your customers. So ideally when you invest in mobile app development it will put your business in their pockets virtually.

3. On-the-go advertising

Mobile applications are so user-friendly that they let you access whatever you want from wherever you want. Such accessibility and use of the mobile app will give your business wings and allow customers to come to you for services or purchases.

4. Brand Recognition

Mobile app development is doing miracles for brand building. App development will bring your business to the doorsteps of Android and iOS app stores thereby bringing a good audience to your service. The user-friendly, well-developed mobile application leaves a lasting impression on customers and helps a lot in brand building.

5. Value Creation

Mobile apps for your business make it more trustable and reputable for your customers. This is because of the general human tendency. 96% of the top 50 online retailers in the UK and 94% of top 50 retailers in the US had at least one mobile app. This makes the business look more professional.

6. Social Platforming

If your business needs good exposure then investing in mobile app development is a perfect choice. Mobile app development provides a social platform to your business. There is a lot you can do once your app is live like: 

  • Posts
  • Forums
  • In-app messaging


7. Increased Customer Engagement

Mobile apps provide their customers a seamless, extraordinary experience. Giving your business in the right hands will allow it to reach clients more effectively. When customer engagement is good the users get attracted to the features the app provides. This effective communication helps in improving business and consumer relations.

8. Better customer service

A Good App provides customers with all the details of their products and services. It is a good way of communication with staff. When customer services are good the users are relieved of a lot of issues. 

9. Increased sales and mobile transactions

With the arrival of services like Amazon, Paypal, virtual commerce is increasing day by day. According to Internet Retailer, adopting a mobile-focused commercialization approach for 500 companies brought about an 80% increase in sales, with about 42% of mobile sales coming from mobile apps. Investing in mobile application development is therefore vital for improving sales.

10. Easier Market Research

Market research is critical to the enterprise. Mobile applications can expeditiously and efficiently fetch customer data and customer priorities. This will support you and offer them content that they’re keen on, providing them a user experience fitted to their needs.

So these are the few reasons why should startups invest in app development. There is a lot of growth coming in the mobile app development sector. So startups or the growing companies can take a chance and invest in this sector.

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