Best Video Chat Apps in 2021

One can witness the significant development of videotelephony in the late 19th century. But it was the year 1930 when it finally became available to the public in the 1930s. Post offices were the first fortunate public department that exploited this technology. 

Well, with the widespread availability of powerful CPUs, the internet, and high-bandwidth telecommunication services, the technology has become more mainstream and available for users all around the world. 

Now, our generation is blessed with high-end front cameras on phones and 5G technology. 

They both are allowing users to communicate through video at minimum cost. Fortunately, app development companies around the world have built many (Voice over Internet Protocol) apps available on both Apple’s App Store and Google’s Play Store. 

Among thousands of such apps, Mobcoder, a video chat app development company. has carved a fine list of the 11 best video chat apps that provide the feel of real-life conversations. These video chat sites are all free to use: 

1. Kik: Free video chat app

Kik: Free video chat app

Platform: Android | iOS

Pros: It has a built-in web browser and messages can be self-destructed

Cons: it has no proper sensor system

Kik is one of the freeware video chat apps with video and an amazing ability to share content. Like you follow on WhatsApp and Google Duo, you don’t have to require a phone number to sign-up. 

You can log in with a user name as an ID, you can share content through messages, sketches, stickers, emoji, videos, mobile web pages, and initiate either one-to-one video chat or a group video chat with multiple friends at a time.

It is best for those who want to remain anonymous. But recently it has been criticized for minors due to its out-of-the-way parental control mechanisms and anonymity features.

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2. FaceTime App: Best Video Chat App


Platform: Mac | iOS

Pros: It is pre-installed on Apple devices and very easy to organize contacts

Cons: For now, it is only available only for Apple devices

Well, all the Apple users are acquainted with the video messaging app FaceTime. It allows them to make video calls or to initiate them. Both iOS and Mac users can easily collaborate through it and take part in one-to-one and group discussions.

The most recognized attribute of FaceTime is its integration with Apple devices. Other advantages are its video quality, its ability to receive calls even when it is not running. It is pre-installed on Apple devices so users don’t have to download it manually. You just have to enter your Apple ID, and you are ready to go.

It has audio calling and video calling for multiple users up to 32 at once. All your FaceTime calls will be integrated into the recent call list in the Phone app.

3. Glide: Online Video Chat


Platform: Android | iOS

Pros: Among many, this Video chat app is widely available for both Android Wear and Apple Watch

Cons: Audio quality is the biggest fear for users with the app

The best video conferencing app comes with the unique functionality of texting with the video chat. It allows you to make quick calls through the internet and stream live video clips with the ease of texting.

It has the feature to preview your video before sending or streaming video live. Further, there are plenty of unique filters available to make your video messages more engaging.

With it, recipients are allowed to view and respond to video messages anytime. There is cloud storage to save the messages and they can watch them anytime. Among millennials, it is worth considering sharing real moments as they happen.

4. IMO: Live Video Chat


Platform: Android | iOS

Pros: One can send large files through it

Cons: The desktop version of this video chat app comes with limited features

It is among the most primitive video chat apps for users. IMO allows users to make unlimited voice and video calls over the internet connection, and you can send big files up to 10 GB through its interface.

The mobile version of IMO has tons of stickers to make your text messaging more engaging. 

Plus, it has HD video calling, group video calls, and video sharing ability. It also has a desktop version, but it is not equipped with all the features and its mobile counterparts. So it is more preferable to be used as a mobile app.

Apart from audio and video calling features, one can create your profile and decorate it with background, motto, and music widget. It has an in-built chatroom, where you can find people from all around the globe.

5. Viber: Android Video Chat


Platform: Android | iOS

Pros: It comes with a feature that allows cheap calling to landline and mobile numbers

Cons: It has multiple interruptions in form of ads

Viber is widely used and considered one of the most popular video chat apps in some regions of the world, but unfortunately, WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger have surpassed them in terms of popularity. 

It comes with about 35,000 stickers and thousands of GIFs to make your chats more expressive than ever. You can indulge in a secret chat with a self-destruct timer for every message in your conversation. Once the set timer is over, the message will automatically be deleted from the recipient’s phone

Through this, you can call landlines, cell phones; it means you can call people with no internet connection as well

6. JusTalk: Video Chat Online 


Platform: Android | iOS

Pros: Doodling and in-app gaming

Cons: It hangs frequently while logging in

JusTalk is available worldwide and known for its ability to make free high-quality voice, video, and group calling apps. It comes with a very simple interface and allows users to make one-to-one calls or group calls up to 50 members.

It has many integrated controls for the group calls as any individual users can mute, admin can block any new participants, and enlarge any screen and share content in form of videos, images, and text.

Additionally, it comes with many fun features like stickers, GIFs, and one record or plays a game on it.

7. Discord Video Chat: Online Video Call


Platform: Android | iOS

Pros: Among many video chat apps, it is available free for unlimited users and can be used on browsers

Cons: It has multiple functions and one has download premium versions to avail full features

It is a cross-platform text, voice, and video chat app designed specifically for gamers. It combines the features of a message board, VoIP chatting, and video conferencing system. 

Currently, it has 250 plus million users and it has improved significantly since its launch. Its premium version (Discord Nitro) costs $5 a month, which comes with some additional features and HD screen quality, and bigger file sharing up to 50 MB. 

One can chat on a particular server with multiple users on a specific topic and share them without any compromise on security.

8. Signal


Platform: Android | iOS

Pros: It advocates no advertisement policy

Cons: The app is very much popular in many regions

It is considered the best app to send and receive high-fidelity messages and video calls. It uses advanced encryption technology to secure all messages and calls. It gives great quality audio and video calls, even on slow networks. A well-optimized app to work well against all odds.

As mentioned, Signal uses state-of-the-art end-to-end encryption. But one step ahead, it hides all the entire metadata, including the sender. It implies that only recovery knows the identity of the sender. 

It is known as open-source software in video chat apps, as anyone can analyze its code, and this makes it more secure than any other messenger app. Other messenger giants haven’t achieved what Signal is capable of.

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9. WhatsApp


Platform: Android | iOS

Pros: Like many video chat apps It advocates no ad policy and reduces data usage for calls

Cons: It has no virtual assistant and missing any face filters

Presently, it connects more than two billion devices around the world. Users on the platform can communicate through text, voice, and video. Whatsapp also allows users to communicate with low internet connectivity as well. 

Through it, you can initiate any call or can join a call initiated by your friend anytime between the call. You just have to tap the voice or video icon to initiate any action. As soon it starts to ring, you can see yourself on the screen with a black overlay with the profile picture of the person you are calling

The moment the call connects and is answered, some new buttons will appear on the screen. You can use these buttons to mute, and switch cameras between front and rear, and end call.

10. Skype


Platform: Android | iOS

Pros: It comes with a good call stability

Cons: It is only famous in professional networks

Skype is highly recommended for professional purposes and is known for its voice call, video call ability between smartphones, laptops, Xbox One console via internet connection. As mentioned, it is highly used in professional circles, such as a call with clients, screen sharing, and conduct interviews. 

It smoothly supports video chats, conference calls and one can share a screen between 25 users at a time. It also has the artificial intelligence ability to blur the background- a very useful feature for users who don’t use high-end webcams.

11. Google Duo: Google Video Chat


Platform: Android | iOS

Pros: It has an HD video calling app service available for free

Cons: One can feel connectivity issues sometimes

It was released in 2016, Google Duo enables users to make video calls on HD (720p). It works perfectly on low-bandwidth networks and uses QUIC over UDP. It swiftly switches between cellular and WiFI networks to optimize video quality all the time. 

This video messenger app comes with a very unique feature called low-light mode, which automatically detects poor lighting conditions and illuminates the face in every frame. Additionally, it allows users to see a live preview of the caller before answering.

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