Staff augmentation is swiftly becoming a household term in the information technology job market, enticing more multinational companies to employ from a distance, but exactly what is staff augmentation. Staff augmentation meaning is that it is an outsourcing technique that involves bringing in outside hired, highly experienced tech personnel to temporarily or permanently fill vacancies on your team.

Choosing just those applicants that meet your needs and reducing or expanding your augmented team as needed are both possible with this system. Staff augmentation services are something that many firms provide. Providers of IT staff augmentation services assist you to expand your in-house development team’s technical capabilities, either temporarily or permanently.

Continue reading to learn more about what staff augmentation services are, what it entails, and how to get the most out of hiring software engineers to supplement your workforce.

The addition of IT personnel is a component of the overall expansion of the workforce. A form of outsourcing called staff augmentation service uses an external supplier on a contractual basis to supplement an organization’s current in-house team’s expertise and abilities. As part of this approach, you’ll assess current employee competencies and identify any training needs.

There is no need to make additional full-time workers since these resources are used directly by the vendor. This means that if you’re looking for remote developers, you should know that they’ll only work on one project at a time.

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Let’s take them one at a time. Take a look at yourself and see whether you fit the description. You’re a mobile app developer with a great concept. You need the application, but do not have the time or resources to do it. Do you think we’re referring to you specifically? Considering a specialized employment approach is long overdue.

The benefits of staff augmentation, employing in-house or external developers vs freelancers are as follows

Hiring that Can Be Modified

A professional mobile app developer might be hired on a project-by-project basis and then relieved after the assignment is completed.

Direct communication is key

The importance of communication cannot be overstated. Throughout the procedure, you’ll be in complete command and able to communicate directly with the experts whenever you need.

Saves both money and time

The dedicated recruiting strategy saves you money and time since you are not responsible for the year-round overhead of these developers. Keeping deadline reminders is unnecessary.

Boost Efficiency and Profitability

Instead of supervising the developer you’ve hired, you may spend more time on your principal tasks. This frees up your time to work on other, more crucial aspects of the project.

staff-augmentation benefits


What are the Significant Pros of Staff Augmentation?

Control of personnel. You can view both the overall picture and the little details concurrently. You may have an impact on the process and remain active throughout.


Your regular employees and supplemental workers operate in unison to form a strong system. Individuals integrate more successfully and rapidly than distinct businesses.


New hires provide new skill sets to your team.

Personnel adaptability. It’s simple to increase or decrease production to meet demand.

Cost savings

There is no need to educate or develop new abilities for this supplemented personnel since they were employed particularly for their pre-existing skill set.

Acceptance from inside

Permanent personnel is more likely to collaborate well with swiftly replenished people than with the outsourced organization.

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What Are the Primary Cons of Staff Augmentation?


You may still need to teach your augmented employees about your organization’s internal procedures and culture.

Capability in Management

Additional personnel equates to additional employees to manage. While they should be manageable with little training and direction, you will still want the ability to manage more workers.

Recruiting and Integrating New Team Members

Adding new members to an established team usually slows things down temporarily. As new employees get acquainted with your organization and its procedures, your team may not operate as effectively as you anticipate.

staff-augmentation Process

Staff Augmentation: The Process

Want to hire dedicated developers but don’t know where to start? Here are some pointers. To help our customers find and hire dedicated developers, we’ve established a recruiting procedure. Everything from gathering requirements to the final kick-off is covered by this process. Learn more about how we plan to proceed by taking a look at our hiring process for dedicated developers.

Gathering of Requirements

First, one of our mobility consultants will meet with you to discuss your project requirements in detail. This lets us know what you’re looking for, how many resources you’ll need, and how long you’ll need them.

In the event that you hire individual developers or a dedicated team of developers to work on your app solution, we’ll give you an estimate of the costs.

Selection of Applicants

Based on your requirements, we select developers and designers from within our company. We then select the best ones and forward them to you. You can save time and effort by using the shortlisting procedure during the selection process. As a result, you can be certain that you’re working with just the most qualified developers who have expertise on similar projects.

Resume screening

Following a thorough screening process, we’ll provide only the most promising candidates to you for consideration. We’ll move on to the next phase when you’ve discovered and recruited committed developers. However, if you’d want to look into additional possibilities, we’ll go through the shortlisting process again until we find the best development team for your idea.

Conditions of the Agreement

We’ll take care of the contract and documentation when you’ve finished the selection process. In addition, we provide you with a clear explanation of the contract terms and conditions before you sign them. The non-disclosure agreement is signed before any work begins. As a result, your notion is protected and compliant with the law. You own the idea and the underlying source code.

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Let’s Begin

This is why we’re here: to help you get started. We’ll connect you with the dedicated developers you’ve hired after we’ve finished the preceding steps. Furthermore, we’ll put you in touch with the project’s management.

At Mobcoder, we are dedicated to completing projects on time and under budget. This is a key aspect of our religious beliefs. It is our responsibility to guarantee that the project is finished on time after the developers have been contracted and a deadline has been specified. We have a big number of return clients only as a result of this factor. We shall not in any manner cause a delay in your project.



Choose a provider that will supply separate team rooms equipped with all required amenities for your remote developers. For instance, at Mobcoder, our teams have rooms customized with the client’s logo to simplify the integration of offshore teams and in-house engineers.

Assure that remote engineers experience the benefits of being part of your local team. We install so-called “windows to the client” at the request of certain of our customers – a camera in the team’s room and a screen that displays what’s happening in the local office.

Inquire about the vendor’s availability of specialists who can assist you in collaborating more effectively with your team. At Mobcoder, we have HR/Client Managers that work alongside your engineers and assist in resolving any possible conflicts that may arise throughout your collaboration.



Mobcoder offers a range of staff augmentation services – whether you need to employ one or twenty developers or need to supplement your existing team with additional technical specialists such as quality assurance engineers or technical writers, we can assist you. Your engineers will focus exclusively on your product development and will not be distracted by concurrent projects. You’ll manage your developers, ensuring that they experience a sense of belonging to your core team. If a matter develops that requires discussion between you and your augmented team, an HR/Client manager will assist you in facilitating the process.

What are you waiting for? Hire Dedicated Resources right away who are exceptionally skilled and endowed with the top-notch technologies to be in line with the ongoing market trend.

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