Best 10 Travel Apps You Need to Know

If you’ve got a trip coming up, whether great or small, rather than wasting a week of your life downloading useless junk, you need to invest your valuable time knowing the best travel apps that can be of great help.

Let’s be honest here—traveling is fun. The whole process of getting to your destination, interacting with locals, and experiencing different cultures is exciting enough by itself.

So why then do people make it so complicated?

Planning your trip can be stressful because there are just so many things to do! Travel app development is a new trend that is in demand today.

Every trip planner app has become an important part of the industry and is affecting the booking as well as the planning process.

The best travel apps have replaced the need for physical maps or travel guides. Nowadays, travelers can simply access their phone’s travel apps and they will have access to all the information they need.

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Benefits of Travel Mobile App Development:

Mobile apps are in major demand, especially in the tour and travel business. Let’s analyze in detail the benefits of travel app development that can make life easier while planning a trip to your favorite destination:

1. Useful Safety Information

When you fall in love with an idea to plan a vacation, the first thought that comes to your mind is safety. Safety is a primary concern when it comes to traveling. This is why every app for travel has made its way into our human lives.

You get updates on warnings issued due to accidents, strikes, or bad weather and even get 24-hour emergency service in case you are in trouble. The numbers listed in the contact list will save your life or those who are traveling with you!

2. Instant Hotel and Ticket Booking

In this present age of the internet, there are many travel apps available with good options of travel itineraries, which can make your travel awesome.

While you can find numerous hotel booking apps to help you book rooms at hotels at locations worldwide, there are a great number of apps that can provide even more detail such as rate, discounts, and distance to a hotel or tourism site.

3. 24/7 Accessibility

App for travel provides any kind of information useful to travelers at their convenience and at the right time as it can be accessed 24/7 without issues of time zones.

4. Networking and Sharing

Traveling these days has become easier, thanks to apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter that have made social media sharing easy.

You can share your experiences with your friends and family in real-time on the move and right at the moment of occurrence.

5. IoT Based Decisions

Getting lost in an unknown place can be hard when you are a tourist. That is where Internet-of-things–based decisions such as geolocation come into play.

Anyone who has been lost in a new city using a map knows that the unique feeling of being lost is not fun. It is hard when you are a tourist especially if you are just trying to find your hotel.

Best 10 Travel Apps:

Got a trip coming up? There’s no better way to get ready for a trip than with some best travel apps that are popular with other travelers. Planning a trip can be a headache if you don’t have a good system for keeping track of flights, reservations, etc.

Thankfully, there are plenty of apps that can help! Below is the list of the 10 best travel apps you have been looking for:

1. LoungeBuddy


Can you imagine having to walk around an entire terminal of a major airport to find the lounge you want to access? The idea horrifies us. If only there was a way to quickly and easily see where all the lounges are located — oh wait! There is! It’s called LoungeBuddy.

LoungeBuddy is one of the best travel apps for iPhone that takes the pain out of the process. All it requires is your information related to your credit card, airline status, and lounge memberships.

Download on iOS.

2. AirHelp


If you are stuck in the airport, delayed on your way to a meeting, or stranded and having to stay overnight for reasons beyond your control, there is an AirHelp app that helps you get compensation from your airline and fast.

Clearly, it has made way to one of the time travel apps in recent times. How?

If the claim is successful, they take 25% of the payout and you get the remainder. You also get a referral bonus for referring your friends or anyone.

Download on iOS / Android

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3. HostelWorld


It’s great when a website or app is thin on features and heavy on usability, and it’s something our appetite for “more and more stuff” often gets in the way of. Hostelworld has it right, though: there should be careful consideration of what needs to be here, and what can be stripped out.

The Hostelworld app does all that an accommodation booking app would do — searches, descriptions, filters, etc making it among the best travel apps today.

Download on iOS and Android.

4. Airbnb


Airbnb is one of the biggest names in travel, it’s a happy medium between hostels and hotels. Moreover, staying with local hosts can still get you the social aspect of a hostel.

This app does everything at the tip of your fingers. We find it among the best travel apps that ensure a lot more effective way to communicate with your host.

Download on iOS and Android.

5. Skyscanner


When planning a holiday, or a getaway trip, the obvious choice to find cheap flights & hotels is Expedia, where you can book everything together in one place.

But if you’re searching for a last-minute getaway — or making several stops on your journey — Skyscanner is among the best travel apps for finding affordable options. It compares millions of flights from over 1,200 airlines, travel agents, and low-cost carriers on hundreds of travel sites.

Available here for download

6. HotelTonight


If you’re traveling somewhere and need a room at the last minute, HotelTonight is a lifesaver. You can book a room in just minutes and it’s cheaper than booking rooms weeks in advance.

Moreover, it is one of the best travel planning apps as it offers special discounts to travelers. What sets HotelTonight apart from other booking services is that you pay upon arrival so there are no surprises when you get to the hotel room.

Download on iOS and Android

7. TripIt


Tripit is a travel organizer and itinerary planner for your upcoming trip, whether it’s for business or pleasure. As you book flights, hotels, and car rentals online, you can forward the information to Tripit, which will organize all your info into an easy-to-read digital itinerary.

You can organize your itinerary in real-time by adding restaurants and activities to each of your planned stops. TripIt is among the best travel apps as all your travel information can be organized in one place.

Download on iOS and Android.

8. OpenRice


If you’re looking to eat in Malaysia, Indonesia, or another Southeast Asian country, OpenRice is the Yelp of that specific country. It gives you the area’s best restaurants, ratings, menus, booking numbers, and everything you need.

It’s a global top traveller app that has listings for restaurants across Southeast Asia. OpenRice also allows you to book either a table or a buffet online in most of the countries it operates in.

Download on Android and iOS.

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9. Trail Wallet

Trail Wallet

Travelers are always on the hunt for the perfect travel application. Our search has ended with Trail Wallet. It’s an incredible application that makes it easy to organize, keep track of and categorize all those expenses while you’re out there enjoying your adventure.

Trail Wallet makes travel expense tracking so much easier by allowing you to add expenses with your iPhone whenever and wherever you are.

Download on iOS.

10. Couchsurfing


Traveling and staying in accommodation can be expensive. If you’re traveling to a popular destination, then the cost of accommodation could be expensive no matter where you stay.

Couchsurfing is among the best travel apps that show you the best places to stay at no cost! The accommodation is quite basic and non fancy but it’s free to help you keep your budget intact.

Download on iOS and Android, and you can sign up at

Key Takeaway:

Mobile apps are an essential part of daily life. They are very effective in communication, entertainment, and educational purposes.

Businesses going for travel app development stand to gain customers and industry buzz that will have other companies knocking at their doors for access to the latest technology.

We hope the above information will be helpful for you if you are willing to plan an adventurous vacation or create a trip planning app for your business. For best results, engage a professional app development company in your local vicinity.

Let us know if you have any questions by getting in touch with us at Mobcoder always.

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