Celebrating International Literacy Day – An overview of Global App Stores of 2021



Pradeep Kunwar

Being able to think critically and consider effectively are the two essential tools in shaping our world. This International Literacy Day, let’s dig out more on shaping your business with the help of Global App stores of 2021 using the right strategy, spending your app marketing budget at the right places, and monetizing at your best! 

As said by Martin Luther King Jr -“The function of education is to teach one to think critically. Intelligence plus character- that is the goal of true education.” 

Decide on ‘No’ or ‘Go’ Today! 

As churn rates coming from smartphones have been rapidly increasing, app developers are accountable for trying & creating something new over and over again to keep the interest of their niche users. However, with mobile apps becoming the market leader in the industry worth $150 million, the competition is raging and it is crucial to find the above niche users to market your app in the right way. 

Did you know that aside from the primary platforms – Android Playstore and Apple Store, you can choose other app stores that can be appealing for your app and its target users? Well if not, there are plenty of reasons one must consider other leading app stores of 2021: 

  • Google and Apple app stores are extremely crowded making it a long way to make your apps visible on such platforms
  • Play Store isn’t openly accessible in China which is a massive market that you wouldn’t like to overlook
  • Other niche app stores pertain to the high concentration of target audience ensuring the strategy is more focussed and precise
  • Various app stores serve better revenue models than the primary app stores.
  • Several corporate devices provide local access to app stores such as the Windows app store only ultimately barring access to Playstore and App Store.

The Ultimate Global App Stores of 2021:

The Ultimate Global App Stores of 2021:

1. Google Playstore 

We all know right how evident this one is among all Global app stores. Still, we got to mention the tiger before all the wildcats – Google Playstore, the official Android app store by Google is home to around 3.5 million apps making Google Play the app store with the largest number of utility apps. About 72.2% of all smartphones in the world prefer Android over others, getting your app on this is the first thing to do in the marketplace. 

2. Apple App Store

We cannot mention the wildcats without honoring the lion either, correct? Hence the App Store is dominating 30% of the smartphone world and iOS being the most formidable operating system which is home to nearly 2.2 million apps including a large percentage of paid apps. 

Learn here the Difference between Google Playstore and Apple App Store to witness both sides of the ambit whether Android or iOS. 

3. Amazon App Store 

Where Apple and Google continue to rule the conversation, there are other wildcats with various degrees of market success. The Amazon Appstore contains nearly 4.6 Lakhs android apps worldwide in popular categories like 

  • Gaming
  • Education 
  • Lifestyle
  • Entertainment
  • Business
  • Other utility apps

4. 1Mobile App Store 

1Mobile is another app store with collective apps organized to ensure that the users have a great online journey. It presently has 8,00,000 apps and counting that follow a standard registration and significant app review process. After approval, the app goes live within 2 days following the standard revenue model. 

The users are able to find their preferred apps here with a vibrant display of lists like – ‘Games of the week’ and ‘Editor’s choice’. Featuring on these lists ultimately helps the businesses attract more downloads. 

5. Tencent App Store 

There are several third-party app stores in China, Tencent Appstore is the popular one in Chinese technology with over 43.8K available apps and videogames. China is a massive market and you would not want to miss out on that. Right?

The users find a great opportunity to explore a catalog of apps for download as well as other similar tools offered by Google in the Playstore. Undoubtedly, Tencent is one of the most used Global app stores in the Chinese market which brings together 200M+ users monthly to procure software and other services for their Android devices. 


No doubt, Android and iOS are the leading store masters that every developer aims to bag in. However, with the alternative app stores offering various specific distribution channels for native marketing, it becomes easier to reach out to a larger section. This International Literacy Day, let’s leverage together with the Best App store trends 2021 where the sky’s the limit for scaling the business at app stores that suit best your specific app & target audience. 

Wondering how to do it? We have gathered all the information about How you can submit your specific app to the app store in one click! 

Go for it today!!! 

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