A Detailed Guide on How to Create an App like Uber Eats

Build a food delivery app like Uber eats is a very complex and comprehensive process. To develop a food delivery app, one must keep some significant factors in mind. You must chart out a clear roadmap and future action plans to enter the domain. 

Before going into developing a mobile app like Uber for food delivery, one must understand its business model. Have a look:

The Uber Eats food app is acting like a restaurant aggregator and as a delivery partner in two ways.

  • Uber Eats lists partner restaurants and relies on a traditional food delivery model operated by restaurants.
  • Uber Eats has its own logistics network to deliver food from restaurants to users.
ways of ubereats monetization

Some general features of this food delivery application in food delivery marketplaces are:

  • Recommendations
  • Advanced search
  • Order tracking 
  • Delivery details 

Now it comes to regulations for developing an app like Grubhub or Uber Eats. They are not necessary but super necessary. 

FDA Regulations

It stands for The Food and Drug Administration and acts as a watchdog for restaurants, food stores, and online food aggregators. This body ensures the best food quality standards.

Any set-up related to food-producing or processing needs to go through with all the regular inspections. 

All the food needs to be regulated as per the standards set-up by FDA and any defiance with any policies leads to the cancellation of food licenses.

So if you want to develop an app like Uber Eats and avoid any tussle with the FDA, please ensure all your packaging and quality are in full compliance with the standard body. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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Now, it comes to the very development process of an app like Uber Eats. This write-up has parted this whole development process into five detailed steps.

Step 1: Conduct painstaking research on the relevant & trending trends of the food delivery marketplaces.

To make an app like Uber Eats that can stand out from your competitors, the first crucial step is to conduct and analyze the market trends of the food industry. It includes the following aspects:

  • Search for all the technology trends adopted by other players to enhance the functionality of the app
  • The use of social media is unprecedented in this age. You can allow users to order their customized & favorite food from their social media accounts. It can also authenticate your social presence on multiple channels. 
  • Today, Chatbots are known to deliver more personalized experiences. You can also integrate them on your app to allow users to order food through them.
  • Order through wearable apps is also a trend to watch. One can also use this high-end feature to order food. 

Step 2: Conduct painstaking research of the market:

The key is to make a food delivery app by combining a lot of market studies on food apps like Uber Eats. This market consisted of competitors and customers. This study includes: 

  • Find out the competitors and the strategy they follow 
  • Look for the potential customers
  • Strategy to target potential customers
  • See for all the features. Select and deselect all the features you want to incorporate in the app to gain an edge over other food delivery apps.
  • Find out the purchasing power and buying patterns of your targeted audience
  • Make a strategy to solve the real-time issues from the points 

Step 3: Choose A Food Delivery Model

To meet your business goals and to make a food delivery application, you should go with the most optimal business model. Typically there are two types of business models prevailing in the Food delivery app domain.

  • Order only model 
  • Order and delivery model 
difference between order-only model & order and deliver model

Order Only Model: In this business model, the platform is only responsible to accept the order and process it. Any sort of delivery model isn’t involved here. This model earns revenue through the fees that come from the partnering restaurants. Delivery.com follows this business model. 

Order and delivery Model: This is a complete model to make a food delivery application like 

Uber Eats. it receives the order, processes it, and delivers it to the customer. Order processing system and all the logistics support is from the food platform.

As per your business requirement, the number of resources, and investment level, you can go ahead with launching a food delivery app based on any one business model.

Step 4: Select user-friendly and easy to use features like Uber Eats Like Apps:

Features mentioned below are some of the user-friendly and notable features of food ordering apps.

Customer Panel: The customer defined the whole look and feel of the food delivery app: These are some of those features:

  • User-friendly features 
  • Easy login and account creation 
  • Searching option to find nearby restaurants
  • Multiple payment options with the utmost security 
  • Instant order placing and cancellation 
  • Offers and discount section 
  • Order history 
  • Food preference (Veg/Non-Veg)
  • Push notifications

Delivery Boy Panel: A food delivery app like uber eats should have easy-to-use features for the delivery boys. These are the features :

  • Easy sign-up
  • Receive an order to deliver
  • Set-availability status
  • In-app navigation to track delivery location exactly
  • Earning summary
  • Multi-delivery management

Restaurant Panel: It is a customized panel for the restaurants that want to join the platforms or across their food to the customers. This panel should have the following features

  • Easy signup
  • Add menu and reference pictures
  • Easily add or remove items from the menu
  • Receive orders
  • Accept or reject orders
  • Manage delivery
  • Manage payouts

Admin Panel

The most useful panel of all. This dashboard of the food delivery app is accessible to the owner. The admin panel of your food delivery app comes with the following features:

  • Restaurant management
  • Delivery management
  • Multilingual capabilities
  • Promotions of offer and discounts
  • Push notifications to all delivery boys, restaurants, and customers
  • Manage payouts
  • Track earnings
  • Manage all transactions
  • Area wise map location
  • Statistical report

Ensure to integrate all the features mentioned above to make a full-fledged food delivery app. 

Step 5: Choose the most optimal technology stack to develop apps like Uber.

To build a food delivery app like Uber Eats, you have to choose your technology stack wisely to provide a scalable and efficient experience for the users to order their favorite food. We have identified some technologies for you to go further:

  • iPhone/Android: React Native App
  • Backend: Node js, Express js. MongoDB, Nginx, Sockets io
  • Frontend: React.js, Redux, Material UI
  • Server: AWS EC2, S3
  • APIs: Twilio for SMS, Google Maps

If you combine all these technologies, you will certainly get the best food delivery app like Uber Eats and you can get a similar app like it.

Step 6: Hire an expert team for food delivery app development

Now comes the most important aspect. Hiring an expert team of developers will take care of the rest of the development. An agile team of experts composed of experts in multiple technologies will deliver a scalable and functional food delivery app like Uber Eats.

The team must have developers on these technologies:

  • Android and IOS developers
  • Front and backend developers
  • Quality assurance engineers
  • UX/UI designers 
  • Business analysts
  • Project manager

Parting Words 

To develop an app like Uber Eats from the start, you must look for developers from Mobcoder that have dedicated experience in developing food delivery apps like Uber Eats.

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