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Marc Rothmeyer

“Engineer” is a verb that represents ‘action’. It’s a key way we look at life where an engineer’s life is more of a conversation starter than any topic. Don’t you think so? Well ask any engineer you know and it’s worth listening to their numerous stories from endless indoor cricket sessions to group studies to programming tasks. Software Engineers play a pivotal role in the technology world today. This Engineers Day, we are grateful to our future makers who are the masterpiece of creativity and practical solutions. Let the memories of engineering days reign over your soul and may every crossing in the work is as clean as yours. 

Science is about knowing, engineering is about doing – Truly said by Henry Petroski 

Because engineers put into action what science discovers!!!!

Prominently, the art of becoming a software engineer is more about finesse than performance. Their lives become a roller coaster ride and no less interesting when it comes to the advancement of the overall society by gaming up their tasks on an everyday basis.

They develop software that is used by us regularly, such as Microsoft Office, E-mail, Games, or anything that includes computer systems or mobile-friendly software. Designing software for users is a time-consuming process that takes much time and details to do a refined job. Depending on the projects they are working on, they must be designing software from small games to software that could possibly change help a machine to work on certain things that can’t be operated by humans easily. Software Engineers are the golden heart of computer application and mobile application ecosystems.

To begin with, the average workday of a software engineer starts with different tasks such as

  • Executing computer coding language
  • Programming well-designed and efficient code
  • Managing the lifecycle of software development
  • Determining specifications and operation possibilities
  • Developing software verification plans & procedures
  • Troubleshoot, debug, and system upgrading
  • Ensuring updated software with updated features
  • Communicating key project data with team members

And many more…

In the real world what actually do they do? 

Software engineers benefit society in several ways!

  • Increase access to information via systems, software, applications, or the internet
  • Connect people all over the world via social apps and sites
  • Offer entertainment in the form of video games, video streaming, podcast, etc
  • Fulfill people’s needs like scheduling, accounting, managing as per the specifications. 
  • Enable hardware like medical equipment or spacecraft, etc requiring custom software to fully operate 
  • Inspire technology-driven creation and innovation in the era where high tech businesses are born 

Wondering, what makes a good Software Engineer? 

Life is more about just knowing what things are!

It is important to know how to use them, why to use them and if you’re actually learning. For example, what is the basic difference between a linked list and an array? What are the benefits of binary search & when to use it? How do you recognize a real-world issue as a dynamic programming problem? The tech world is constantly changing and upgrading. Software engineers with the right skillset have their own style of learning constantly, no one can stop them from growing and enjoying the software journey.  

Here’s how they keep society afloat amidst pandemics:

Due to the recent pandemic, our society has come down to a halt with large operational shuts ultimately turning various metropolitan cities into total ghost towns. Web or mobile applications and similar software such as Zoom, Amazon, Amazon Prime, Google Drive, Skype, broadband, wireless communication, etc work like a lifeline for most of us. Engineering overall allowed telework. If COVID-19 occurred 25 years back, can you imagine where could we be? We would not be able to connect with each other and the closed ones at all.

All of these technologies are elevated by the developers of the nation. Such apps drive the society to function better than the previous generations who encountered similar large-scale shutdowns of society due to other reasons back then. Due to the constant efforts of software developers, such commendable software are able to function the whole world normally with uninterrupted services amidst the pandemic. We are grateful that such support helped us raise our standards of living in the current situation and prepared us for future pandemics or similar events. 

The scale of diagnostics tests for COVID19 has been patiently improved and engineers worked all day and night long on artificial intelligence, automation, and process control for the development of the industry. The increase in testing capability is made possible only because of engineering tools followed by developers. Such tools and frameworks manage the basics of software development that allow the software engineer to build functionality in just a few clicks. However, there is always a need for some tweaks and personalization when there is a complicated requirement of any project. This brings the need for a conventional software engineer who follows traditional methods of cutting open the tool, analyzes the internal phenomenons, and works on insights to figure out the best way to fix the issue. 

Increase in Mobile Apps during the Coronavirus Outbreak – 

The pandemic outbreak has had a huge impact on the demand for mobile app trends and usage. On-demand apps are specific to food orders, groceries, vegetables, medicines, and an array of services that can be delivered at the doorstep. Do you want to know the top interesting ideas for mobile applications of 2022?

Did you know? 

There was a significant increase of 132% in the number of app installations during the last week of March compared to last year. 

on demand apps- 2021 global app downloads & usage

In the above infographic, we have shared the trends on how mobile apps have seen an increase in the number of installs and usages. As per the reports, there is a significant increase in the installation of apps and usage in just a year. Gaming Apps saw a 130% increase in the number of installations in march this year. Video streaming and media services have also seen a similar increase in the number of installs and usage. 

Businesses’ apps all over the world witnessed a 70% spike in installs. Food delivery apps, such as Grub-Hub witnessed a 71% increase in usage from 2019. New installations have increased by 102% which defining that the market is rapidly growing into a new customer base as well. This heavy usage of apps is not just confined to food and delivery but also covers the entertainment and media part of the industry acting as lifelines for common people. 

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Health & Fitness apps with 75% rise in installs, Educational apps with 50%, and Shopping apps or eCommerce with 35% rise in the overall installations. This led to an increase in revenue by 75% for the software developers which is a lucrative source of income for their scalable services. 

Aarogya Setu, the government’s contact tracing app with a record of 100M+ downloads in just 40 days of the launch. It was developed by the Govt of India to initiate essential public health services in 11 different languages and fight against COVID-19. 

Celebrating our Talented Engineers:

With the steady transition of the modern era to the era of mobile apps, automation, and after the pandemic cycle, our dependency on software engineers has been persistently growing. The creative developers have marked our lives in such a tech-savvy world where people or businesses are willing to invest in software development as well. Software Engineers play an important role as any producer, financier, or service provider. This blog is dedicated to all our engineers who made the country proud and contributed to the economic progress in the field of science and technology. 

On this occasion, we are happy to announce that  ComHQ facilitated us as the Most Innovative App Developers, 2021. Mobcoder has achieved several awards before. But this achievement is closer to our heart which is not only noticed but also appreciated by ComHQ. All thanks to our team of developers, programmers, software experts, coders, and each individual who made it possible for us and devoted each day to spreading the ‘Greatness of Technology’. This day is a reminder of the hard work, efforts, and every revolutionary contribution made by our talented engineers in society. 

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