World Teacher’s Day – Let’s Celebrate together

Nothing opens the doors of learning like education!

All of this is made possible by the hard work & dedication of teachers across the globe. Do you agree? 5th October is World Teacher’s Day, a special holiday to celebrate the devoted efforts in leading knowledge to all students and determining them in crafting their futures.

We all have that one teacher who stands apart from the crowd to encourage us and reach newer heights. At Mobcoder, we are deeply thankful to all our teachers who paved their pay at every department whether in Marketing, Development, Designing, eCommerce, etc to help us discover ‘Who we are today?’

Inspiration is the Key!

There is always an inspiration behind the vast educator networking friends our team members are deeply connected to! They guide our team members in performing their explicit roles and help them expand their life lessons through vast learnings. 

Well, it would be right to say that ‘Teaching’ is one of the most challenging jobs in the world. Many students attribute their success to the determination of education provided by their teachers. As an educational apps service provider, we have a unique perspective on how education and online stores crosswalk. 

With the unveiling of online shopping for kids and schools, it’s never been easier for parents to get the best school supplies for their children. Schools themselves are surfing creative uses for eCommerce or online learning to provide necessities to their students which include a lot of preparation and adjustments for all educators, students, and guardians. 

Online Learning & its Challenges:

New is bracing up both – the teachers as well as students. But our concern is more than usual. Is your school/institution ready for – a new normal to make a smooth transition from conventional study patterns to e-learning? As per the reports, 300 Million plus students are agitated by the educational disruption caused by a coronavirus.

The study of Rand Corporation’s American Educator Panels (AEP) highlights that:

  • About 12% of teachers are able to cover the full curriculum due to limited resources and challenges in face-to-face interaction
  • 66% of educators noted that students lack access to devices and trusted internet connections to engage in online learnings 

Digital literacy, technical problems, and time management are the most commonly faced challenges for e-learning participants. Many institutions have streamlined online learning which is not a new concept. This learning method was introduced in 1999 at a computer-based training seminar. Gradually, other terms also started emerging – “E-learning”, “Virtual learning”, “internet learning”, and “distance education”. 

Who is adopting online learning?

A lot of schools, colleges, coaching centers, and other institutions are making hay in the sunshine for students’ overall development with the best online learning platforms after the pandemic. Apart from these, several businesses and corporate organizations are also using e-learning for a number of reasons like 

  • Employee training & development
  • Compliance training & development
  • Partner training & development
  • Customer training & development
  • Staff personality grooming

So, let’s discuss the best online platforms of 2021 to maintain the overall development of kids.

Role of Augmented Reality(AR) in Education:

It is evident that children are the first adopters of new technologies like AR, VR, etc. there are some AR-driven tools designed significantly for youth to improve their reading skills, art activities, and learning modules. 

To understand the role of Augmented Reality in education in detail, read this article that can help you know the technological opportunities in the education sector. 

The Best Online Learning Platforms in 2021:

It is suggested to find the right online learning platforms that serve your purpose of effective learning. To help you get started, we’ve picked the top distance learning tools (free and paid) that are designed for the overall development of your students or kids. 

Early Childhood Learning (Students between 3-6 years old) 

1. ABCmouse

ABCmouse is one of the most preferred eLearning tools designed for kids age 2 to 8 years. This includes various curriculum related to maths, science, social studies, reading, etc with more than 850 lessons taken by 9000 kids educational activities on the platform. 


  • Offers multiple payment modes
  • Fully interactive and engaging platform
  • Learning-through-play experiences via games, animations, songs, puzzles, and other playful activities
  • Option of subscription with registration for up to three kids

2. YouTube Kids

YouTube Kids is one of the best free online learning tools that provide educational content designed specifically for preschoolers to tweens. This online platform is embedded with a number of educational videos, TV shows, music, and other content. Moreover, Parents have the option to sign up for a YouTube Red subscription so as to avoid unwanted ads. 


  • Fun, engaging, and exciting content
  • Several learning topics for students
  • Parental controlled platform
  • Free to access
  • Available in both iOS and Android

Primary Learning (Grade 1 to Grade 8) 

3. Google Classroom 

Google Classroom is a very popular e-Learning tool to facilitate distance education with the ecosystem of google tools like Docs, Slides, and Sheets to interchange content between educators and learners. It is a great platform to monitor students’ needs and course materials. 


  • Easy-to-learn interface
  • Individual class code for each classroom
  • Amazing content management features
  • Schedules stamp for project submissions

4. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a comprehensive eLearning tool that is famous for its complete math curriculum. This academy focuses on grade-level arenas covering maths, history, science, and economics and promotes remote education for grade-schoolers.


  • User-friendly and easy interface
  • Free and accessible tool
  • Variety of subjects and topics
  • Well designed courses and preparations

Teacher’s Day Tips for Learners:

  1. Explore other online learning tools to support your virtual classes
  2. Discover a productive study place at your home to stay focused and growing
  3. Avoid chaos and distractions such as Ipads, mobiles, and TV during study hours

Teacher’s Day Tips for Educators:

  1. Ensure a simpler and enjoyable educational platform for facilitating the overall development of learners
  2. Provide an ideal combination of knowledge and learning experience bridging the gap between studies and fun. 
  3. An organized system that encourages students to use smartphones as an e-learning tool and be more productive

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So, here we commemorate all our teachers and educator friends who helped Mobcoder succeed over the years. Also, do not forget to let us know who is the greatest strength of your life? 

We understand that creating an online platform for education is not an easy task. If you are an educator or a startup looking to build such student-friendly and personalized educational apps, Mobcoder is an apt choice for you. We help you navigate the ever-changing market demand with our app development services. 

We’ve got the required expertise and all resources that you expect from a top-notch mobile app development company to bring you a personalized roadmap.

There is no better time than this. Get started with us today!

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